Day 8

Welcome to week 2 of UNCHAINED. Are you ready to unleash the real inner you?

Do you even know who that is?

Did you ever?

Have you ever been that person who was just secure in themselves and everything you did? Like you were born to do everything that you do. You could walk up to a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and just fall in love all over again. Did I just type that? What the heck are my guides up to tonight anyway?

This ought to get interesting!

TODAY is the first day of the rest of your REAL life.

Let’s begin.

Grab your journal and pen. You should be best buddies by now. And let’s dig into some things that really light you up.

What makes your heart sing?

I’m talking everyday joy here. Or when you decide to take a break from the grind. The work mode.

What makes you happy?

What did you used to do that you wished you could do more of or even bring back into your routine?

It could be solo stuff, kid stuff, family stuff, love stuff, crazy insane stuff, musical stuff, creative stuff, art stuff, techy stuff, any kind of mojo.

Have fun with it, again! Reminisce a little. Remember once you start listing it might take a few minutes to find the ease and flow of it all. But enjoy the process. AND when you are through, pop over to the UNCHAINED Facebook Group and share a few things with the group.