Day 7

Here we come to the close of week 1 and I want to take a look back… even further back.

I want you to get settled in and take a few moments for yourself.

Take a deep breath in and let it out.

Repeat this for the next few minutes and attempt to center yourself in your heart space.

Imagine growing roots from your feet as if you were a strong and solid tree rooting into the earth.

Sending those roots deep down into Mother Earth or Gaia as we like to call it.

Reaching further down through the rocks and crystals.

All the way deep down until you feel or imagine your roots connecting in with the heart chakra of Mother Earth.

Feel yourself in this bright white protective light. Bathing you in the harmony of the Earth and all of its love.

And when you are ready grab some of this bright, loving light and pull it all the way up through your roots up into the bottoms of your feet.

Imagine that light energy flowing up from your feet through your legs and up into your torso connecting with your own heart chakra and then flowing up even further out through your arms and up into your mind’s eye.

And once you are here breathe a little while imagining just how fully connected you are with Mother Earth. All that is and ever will be. All collected and harnessed in your heart space.

And here we will set the intention to fully ground you and protect you.

So it is. So it is. So it is. It is done. Amen.

And now that you are here think for a moment of times long past.

What are the blissful moments that stand out to you?

What pops into your mind?

Just sit here with this thought. Not forcing it. Staying light in your mind as an observer of your thoughts and images.

Where do they lead you?

Spend as much time here as you like and when you are ready to disconnect just take a deep breath in and then out again. Releasing yourself from this trance. Coming back into your heart space and sending your energy back down through your roots into Mother Earth until you see, feel, or imagine the warm loving light of her heart chakra.

Go back into that light and stay as long as you need.

And, once again, when you are ready grab that amazing energy and pull it back up through your roots and into your body centering yourself once again.

And when you are ready, grab your journal and pen and write your thoughts down. Beginning with the first one that pops into your head.

What were the most blissful moments that popped into your mind’s eye?

Start out by jotting them down. Don’t force your writing. Whatever feels best to you. Feel free to see where it leads you. Engage your thoughts to dig deeper into them if you feel called to do this.

And once you are done, take one last look back.

What is the feeling you are left with?

Once you find it, jot it down, and share it with me.