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"I recently had my DNA upgraded by Heather from 86 double helix (172) and it was amazing! I saw my dormant strands of DNA lighting up in hues of purple and green as they were being activated. It was powerful! After one day my physical body appears to have healed its dust allergy and I am super excited to witness what additional abilities and manifestations come from this activation. Thank you so much, Heather!"

Jennifer Sprow
Energy Harmonizing Specialist

"I've had 2 DNA Activations with Heather. After the first one (172 Strand DNA) I Astral travelled and about 5 hours after the 2nd one (200 Strand DNA Activation)...I channeled my first message from my guides. I don't think it's a coincidence. The DNA Upgrades and activations have been very powerful. There is so much power in healing energy and Heather is amazing. You won't regret receiving her DNA Activation. She truly cares for her clients. She co-creates her energy healing for your highest good. Thanks Heather...I appreciate you and your gifts."

Michelle Conway Guajardo
Empowerment Coach

"During the activation, I felt lighter, and my back pain disappeared, and I didn't know if anything had shifted or if anything had happened even. I'm clairaudient! I was able to flat out hear my guides without meditating, and I had an outer body experience several times as I was sleeping with this white light. Previously I had been able to connect with my mom once or twice deep in meditation, but last night I was sitting on my couch and all over a sudden heard her and my guides who were listing their names. My mom was making jokes that only I would get. It was incredible.They finally gave me direction with my book I was inspired to start last year. I wrote 70 pages, and then nothing else came. They told me I needed to learn all this and awaken, and now they gave me what the book's supposed to be for. I'm excited for what else opens up!"

Jackie Elizabeth

About Me

Not long ago I found myself struggling.

Struggling with the unknown. Not knowing which direction my life should take. I had an awesome job and awesome clients but still there was something missing. I yearned for growth. For the truth. The truth of what IS. What REALLY is.

I started on this journey of self-discovery not knowing at all what to expect. And now here I am... taking you along on this crazy, amazing ride!

About Energy

Energy is an interesting thing.

When I first ventured into the world of woo there was a lot of talk about energy. You could receive it from someone… online. You could have yours read. You could read others. You can heal with it. You can calm with it. You can even suck the life out of someone with it. Hello cords and hooks! But I’ll tell you more about that later.

About Psychic Abilities

I had this crazy experience when I was 2.

Yes, 2. I couldn’t remember it for the longest time but I was told by a psychic client of mine that something happened when I was 2 that made me the way I am today. She said it wasn’t a bad thing… and that I should meditate on it and figure it out.

Gee. Great. Thanks. This was back in my “couldn’t calm my mind to meditate to save my life days”. Let me get right on that. {insert sarcasm} J So I pushed it to the side because… Ain’t no one got time for that! Am I right?!

Well a funny thing happened just a few weeks back.

"I simply cannot put into enough words my gratitude for Heather and all the amazing gifts she shares, the knowledge she passes on, not to mention all the support and friendship she has so gracefully shown me. Heather is an energetic powerhouse and has provided me with countless tools to see life with an entirely different perspective. The best part is, Heather leads you to your own inner magic through understanding your soul purpose, introducing you to your team of guides (that you always knew were there!) and provides phenomenal wisdom along the way. Heather’s DNA upgrades and activations she creates and shares with us are life changers. To say I highly recommend Heather and all she has to offer is an understatement! Heather and her gifts are extraordinary. A most heartfelt thank you, to you, Heather!"

Cheri Delaney
Soul Ascension Class Participant

"Although I met Heather in the summer of ‘17, I didn’t begin coaching with her until May 2018. The shifts I made in 4 weeks have been nothing short of phenomenal. My gifts and abilities have opened up and I’m well on my way to having soul alignment in all areas of my life. If it wasn’t for her I’d still be trying to figure things out on my own. When I was doing that I was getting no where fast! I’m not the same person I was 45 days ago and if anyone told me this is who I’d be and what I’d be doing prior to that, there’s no way I would’ve believed them. Heather is a powerful and amazing awakener (coach). Her gifts are otherworldly and I’m so glad that she was able to help me speed up the timeline in getting to this amazing point in my journey! If you’re thinking about working with her, stop thinking about and DO IT!! The value she gives is priceless!"

Tesia Williams
Soul Ascension Specialist

"I couldn’t have been more pleased to have found Heather this year. I was so stuck and frustrated about who I was and what I was supposed to be doing on this planet. I was struggling to balance between being an ambitious entrepreneur and being spiritual. Heather’s mentoring program was just what I needed and more. When I got in touch with Heather, we connected instantly and I knew she was the right mentor for me. Within 2 days, I was connecting with my guides and Source and receiving answers in a way I’d never done before. The more I tuned in, the more guidance I received and within a couple more days, I started to get downloads. Heather was there all the way through to provide guidance and support, including messaging every day and two video calls to assist with connecting and communicating with my guidance team. She’s so authentic and helpful, completely without judgement. It was completely lifechanging and I can’t recommend Heather more highly!"

Liz Mugan

Blog Posts

Check out some of my recent posts and snag some amazing and supportive activation and attunement energies meant to support you daily to get YOU to your desired goals. Onward and upward, my friend!

Allow me to be your guide on your crazy ride!

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