Welcome! I’m Heather Hickson, and this is my crazy world! I started this amazing journey more than 20 years ago as a personal trainer and nutritionist until it got me where I am today. Soul Archeologist. Want to learn more? Stick around!

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The Journey

Not long ago I found myself struggling. Struggling with the unknown. Not knowing which direction my life should take. I had an awesome job and awesome clients but still there was something missing. I yearned for growth. For the truth. The truth of what IS. What REALLY is.

I started on this journey of self-discovery not knowing at all what to expect. It was scary. The unknown.

I was reminded of how scary that could be today while I was at the orthodontist with my 8 year old daughter. She was scared. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen when they had to put a band around her back molar. She struggled and fought it the entire time. There were tears. There was anxiety. I was totally connected to her {energetically} trying my best to send her as much calming energy as possible and I could FEEL her stress. But then we were getting so close to the end and I looked at her and said, “Hun you just got to let it go. Let it go and give it all to me. Instead of fighting the tech give it all to me. Okay?” And you know what she did? She let go. She squeezed my hand harder than she ever has and that band went on in 2 seconds flat. She looked at me and said, “That didn’t hurt at all! There wasn’t even any pressure!”

Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we struggle and fight against them tooth and nail. We make it all so much harder than it has to be. That fear of letting go. That fear of giving in and riding the wave right over the top of it all. And I know! I’ve been there myself. I was struggling with holding on to what I thought my identity was. I WAS A HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST! I knew I was. I even knew I was intuitive which was why I was so good at it. So how could there be anything else for me? It was my passion so this HAD to be my path.

But, you see, the Universe had bigger plans for me and life was going to keep getting harder and harder until I finally let go. And I did. I finally let it all go. It had to have been one of the hardest things I’ve done. The control freak in me {aka my Ego} was saying “HELL NO!” but I blocked it out.

I said, “I’m letting it all go and trusting that whatever is on the other side of this is magical. I know this as fact.” I still remember where I was. Driving in my car to grab my kids from school. It felt like a weight lifted. I felt free. I still had no idea HOW, but that isn’t my job to worry about. That is the Universe’s job.

My job is to show up every single day. Commit to myself. To my growth. To what makes my Soul sing. To ask how best I can serve others. And, most importantly, to take inspired action.

And I did it. And it’s been the most magical, crazy, awesome, wild ride that I’ve ever been on. I wouldn’t change it for the world. This is my path. My journey.

So Hi!

I’m Heather Hickson. I’m an intuitive, psychic, woo woo, witchy, badass healer. And I want to be your guide on your crazy ride.

The Inconceivable Notion

I had this crazy experience when I was 2. Yes, 2. I couldn’t remember it for the longest time but I was told by a psychic client of mine that something happened when I was 2 that made me the way I am today. She said it wasn’t a bad thing… and that I should meditate on it and figure it out.

Gee. Great. Thanks. This was back in my “couldn’t calm my mind to meditate to save my life days”. Let me get right on that. {insert sarcasm} J So I pushed it to the side because… Ain’t no one got time for that! Am I right?!

Well a funny thing happened just a few weeks back. Since that episode with my psychic client I’ve actually gotten REALLY good at meditation. I’ve gotten even better at connecting with my guides, my Soul, God, the Universe, Source. You pick the name that resonates with you. It’s gotten to the point where my clair’s are so developed I can even channel messages from them. So one day that conversation from long ago popped into my head. So I asked my guides about what happened when I was 2.

I astral traveled. If you’ve never heard of this I liken it to an out-of-body experience. Not that I remember doing it. Or how it felt. But my guides let me know it scared me so bad they actually shut down all of my gifts. My gifts I was born with. I was on lockdown!

So we are all born with a lot of gifts. Even my kids were. But a lot of us shut them out because of experiences we might have had or they think others will think they are crazy. My youngest daughter has always been clairaudient so she talks to her guides. But in preschool she started to think it was odd so she stopped.

How many of us are walking around with spiritual gifts ready to be tapped and shown to the world without even knowing?

A lot of us. And if you are here reading this page then my guess is you are starting to figure out there is so much more out there than you ever knew. Half of the stuff I can do now I thought was only possible in fiction books and movies. Nope. Not at all. Totally 100% legitimate Superpowers going on right here!

Are you ready to tap into yours?

The Gifts of Energy

Energy is an interesting thing. When I first ventured into the world of woo there was a lot of talk about energy. You could receive it from someone… online. You could have yours read. You could read others. You can heal with it. You can calm with it. You can even suck the life out of someone with it. Hello cords and hooks! But I’ll tell you more about that later.

To sum it up, we are all energy. Everything is energy. If you want to dig more into energy feel free to open up your own can of worms and check into quantum physics and the Universal Laws. I’ll even be sharing more about here on this site.

But on to my point. I had a really hard time wrapping my mind about how someone can connect to me online. I mean, I knew it was possible in person. Because then, you are physically connected and that is so much easier to understand. But a gal in another state tapping in to me and giving me a ‘reading’. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t experience it myself. And it blew my mind. And fascinated me.

I was hooked even before I knew it.

And so I read. I talked with others. I learned from others. I learned to connect in to my own guidance system and learned even more. I began to trust myself. And others began to trust me. I connected energetically to my first person… and actually felt it! And then shit got REAL!

I started to receive energetic downloads from Source. I started to be able to decipher them. I started to understand more and more about all things woo. I was a siphon for all of this knowledge coming my way. I couldn’t get enough! My gifts started coming in more each day. More pieces of the puzzle were revealed to me. I met my online BFF that was going through the exact same journey and we bonded. I mean we ARE soul family, after all. But that’s a story for another time.

Every single day we spoke or chatted online. And each day our conversation would start off with “Want to hear something crazy?” Because it all seemed so unreal. Until we realized it was, in fact. REAL.

Life changing. Mind altering. REAL. Shit got REAL.

So energy. I was driving in my car this morning and turned on the radio. And the thought just popped into my head that it was so crazy that here is this little box in my little car and I could hear amazing sounds out of it just by turning the dial and ‘tuning’ it to the right frequency.

And my little lightbulb came on. And it just made so much more sense to think of it that way. Each of our Soul’s has a signature. And each one of our amazing Soul’s has the ability to tune into the frequency of another soul. Once we are connected we can share energy. It’s a simplistic way to look at it but I think it makes it easier to wrap our minds around.

And that is what I do. I connect energetically to you when my Soul picks up your Soul’s signature. I can then connect in to you and ‘read’ your body and communicate with your guidance team. No, I can’t read your mind! No worries there. Although that could come in handy sometimes. Or at least that isn’t my gift yet!

What are my gifts anyway?

I’m a healer. I’m an Akashic Records reader. I can help you train your mind to accept the impossible. I can open up doorways in your brain to let your gifts in. I can send you healing energy and take away what is no longer serving you. I can help to calm and ease your worries and help to take away your pain. I can ease your struggles and help you care for your Soul. I can connect you to your guidance team and help you understand your true role.

Have you ever wondered what you are truly meant for in this world?

Let’s connect and tune into your Soul so I can tell you want they want you to hear.

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