Day 6

Hola! Coma esta? Muy bien!

Who knew my guides spoke Spanish! But is that REALLY a surprise? NO! I didn’t think so either.

On to day number 6 after my little mini meltdown. Holy SHIFT batman! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I say!

So where was I?


Who is ready to shift into an EPIC new year!

Be careful what you ask for!

Let’s chat a bit about uplevel symptoms. Aka uplevel flu.

Have you ever heard of this before? I think this is a good time to go over the basics.

When you work on bringing in a fabulous new you there are usually changes that go along with it. I mean that is what this is all about anyway. Right?! And these changes are all about moving you onward and upward in life. Leaving behind what no longer fits that amazing new dream and shining a bright light into the future for all to see.

AND as much as we would love to think it’s all peaches and cream and sunshine and roses there is a dark side. AND no one ever told me about this. Or I had no one around that could. Maybe that is the better way to say it. I spent well over a year thinking I was crazy and losing my mind. Not fun. And even now I have times that get me down but at least now I know to expect it and a little more on how to ride the wave through it.

So upleveling and shifting. This is the name of the game. Removing what is no longer serving your highest good so that it no longer holds you back so that you can actually move forward into an amazing new you. Shifting into your new reality with as much ease and grace as humanly possible.

I mean we are all just souls living a human experience, right?

I love that phrase.

I remember the first time I really heard that phrase. I mean HEARD and not just heard. I was driving in my tiny little bright green car having a pretty shitty morning. I was frustrated with myself and the situation I was in and definitely not trying to see the best of the situation. And then suddenly I remember saying that to myself. I’m a Soul living a human experience. And the BAM the weight of that really hit me. Holy cheeseballs! I’m a Soul living a human experience. A SOUL. A big bad-ass lived thousands of years in times of old and in other realms and here I am sulking in my tiny ass green car living a life that just isn’t grand enough. WTF am I doing? Why am I still holding myself back?

Holy wake-up call.

And that is the reality. We can do more. We can be more. We can achieve more. WE can be anything we set our minds to. LITERALLY. It’s a quantum shift away. AND really easy to do once you learn.

And we will get to all of that.

But today it’s all about learning to ride the wave. The energetic wave. The emotional wave. They body racking physical trauma wave.

The uplevel flu.

What the heck is it anyway?

OK, here’s my cliff notes version.

In order get out of our own way and live the life we actually dream of… I know we all have them… we have to stop holding ourselves back. And WE are definitely doing it even if you don’t realize it yet.

You see, again, we are all souls here having a human experience and during this experience our souls want to learn A LOT! A LOT A LOT A LOT!!!

We are all born with specific lessons that top the cake. AND we will keep repeating cycles over and over again until we actually learn it, release ourselves from it, and move on to the next one. AND we all have what we need inside of us to do this. YES others can help but just remember that we truly do have everything we need. Just tuck that away inside to remember in the future. YOU ARE FREAKING MORE AMAZING THAN YOU KNOW. Capiche?

So as we start to learn these lessons and let them go we uplevel energetically. I like to think of it like peeling away the layers of an onion. We release the outer layer energetically on a Soul aligned level and poof! The clouds part. The angels sing. All is right with the world. We feel like we can do and accomplish anything and everything we set our mind to. We can do no wrong. AND our vibe is high. LITERALLY. You probably actually FEEL yourself vibrating.

This is magic!

AND then suddenly… or more like over the next few days or even weeks depending on where you are at in the grand scheme of things, things start to change. You might notice a sore throat, or think you are getting sick, or even think they are detox symptoms. They might stay mild for a day or two or might turn into a full blown flu. Mine actually present as a really stiff neck and the likeness of a full blown sinus infection WITH the desire to rip all my teeth out with a set of plyers from the garage. The pain is real, my friends! AND then let’s top it off with bouts of insane nausea. Thank you! Your symptoms might present differently.

AND then just to make it better we suddenly spiral down into the deep recesses of our brain and dig up emotions we thought were deeply buried away for good never to see the light of day. Where we once thought we could conquer the world we now start to think WTF was I thinking? I’m a failure. I suck. I don’t deserve this? Who would ever think I could do this? This was dumb idea! I should just crawl under my covers and never come out again. Why do I even bother?

Welcome to upleveling! You, my dear friend are on the verge of a breakthrough!

You always know something amazing is on the way when this happens. The darkness before the dawn.

BUT how do you get through this craziness? Because that is what it all feels like. I was literally experiencing this 2-3 times a month and for weeks at a time for a period there. So, YES, I thought I was going crazy. I thought I was depressed. AND I thought I was chronically ILL. Or had allergies. Or a combination of both. I couldn’t really tell.

BUT then I suddenly discovered that I was just a soul having a human experience.


Very interesting. And down the rabbit hole I went.

Learning to ride the wave. Just like learning how to surf. Not that I’ve ever done that but this is how my guides are writing this post. So apparently they know how to surf. And since they know way more than me I do tend to listen to them. Mostly. When I’m paying attention.

Here is their advice to us:

Riding the wave may seem impossible at first.

Wracked with pain and doubts will keep us stuck much longer than needed. You DO want to experience it all as it happens. Don’t tuck it away or you will just have to repeat it all over again. And we do not want that! Trust in the process and surrender to it.

First off accept where you are this very moment. Grab your journal and get it all out on paper. What are the exact emotions that are coming up for you? Don’t filter it. Let the rawness come out in your writing or your thought processes if you prefer to verbally go through this. Get them out, tears and all. Be real with yourself to get through this. No bad karma will come your way for working through this.

Then once you’ve identified the feelings accept them. THIS is your journey. You are safe in it. You are fully supported in it. Know they are a necessary part of your evolution to the shining star we are building through this program. Breathe them in. Understand that on the other side of this is a magical place that you cannot fully see yet. But the Universe has your back. The U knows. Your guidance team knows. Put your faith and trust that on the other side the clouds do actually part and the angels do sing. AND that is the magic. You should hear their voices!

And then just simply let them go. Release them to the Universe and the heavens above. Ask for your guidance team to transmute them. You no longer need them. They have served their purpose. You choose to move on to something greater and easily release what is no longer serving your highest good. And then trust that it is done and marked complete in your book of life here on this plane. Take a deep breath and in with it accept the loving white light from the Universe in with it.

AND now comes the hard part. Know it’s done. In your heart. AND move on with something that lights your heart up. Find JOY. Find LOVE. Find LAUGHTER. And as you do you will feel the symptoms move through you much faster. AND then, on the other side, the light starts to shine brighter and you can once again feel those high vibrations pulling you onward and upward. Until the next uplevel.

So if you are experiencing this now give it a go. And if not, make sure to save this for later.

Upleveling isn’t a maybe. It’s something we all go through if we actively try to make our lives better.

Remember… you are a soul living a human experience and are meant for things much greater than you can even imagine. And your time is NOW.

Take a deep breath and let all that in. AND, until next time… Grab your journal and pen and jot a few thoughts that this day has brought up for you. Once you are done, feel free to share them with me.