Day 5

Hear ye, hear ye! The court is now in session and the honorable Judge is here now.

Is that how it goes? Well, something like that.

Today is judgment day.

I hope you are ready. It’s time to take a look back in time so we can pick it apart morsel by tasty morsel.

Today’s homework will be a lot of fun and I’m actually really looking forward to it.

Remember that this is not actually about judgment. At least not in the typical bad juju sort of way. Today we are going to identify just went on this past year (or the previous one… depending on when you began this program) so we can take a good look at it tomorrow. I won’t get too much into that today to keep you from overthinking this part of it.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Grab your journal and a pen and let’s get started.

Starting with the previous month… What were the memorable moments for you? Both business and personal. Anything that stands out. If it pops into your mind, it’s important and write it down. Make sense? Don’t make this more complicated by overthinking every darn thing.

What are some things that really didn’t go your way? Same thing. If it pops in your head it gets added to the list.

Now think back just a bit further to the month before that. And write your list of the same things. Memorable moments and then the things that really didn’t go your way. Personal, private, public, wants, needs, desires. Anything goes if it enters your mind.

Walking back a bit further yet another month. What is coming to your mind here? Same topics. Keep it simple.

And then jaunting back each month at a time until you get all the way through your previous year. No digging out journals to try and remember. The intention has already been set into this message to bring forth all the things that matter.

Once you are done, share with me your top favorite moment of your previous year!