Day 41

OK, Now what Heather?!

We’ve dreamed the dream. Got all excited. Let the HOW of getting it to happen GO.


Inspired action time, my friends?!

THIS is where we get to wrap our minds around letting it be EASY.

We were literally born to live our DREAM. WE just keep getting in our own way. AND we’ve opened up to that and we’ve begun working through it.

DO you feel the magic working its way into your life? Do you see how you have begun to see things differently?

NOW this doesn’t mean you change overnight but you can see how small shifts in your daily thoughts and WHAT you do with them mean a ton, right?!

So now all you have to do is show up each and every day and follow any inspired action that gets sent your way. I dig into this much deeper in my Elevate program where we actually get your downloads to come in and begin to translate them. SO if you understand downloads then know this… they ARE the key to your daily aligned and inspired action each and every day.

AND if you don’t understand downloads that is A-OKAY as well. Just tuck that way back into your mind for when they DO present themselves to you. Because if you are hanging around with me and in my Soul Circle group then it will happen eventually. I have that effect on people!

BUT if you aren’t understanding them then just know this.

The Universe responds to what you put out there. Each and every day I ask to shift into a better place for reaching my Soul aligned goals and dreams. Each day I ask for help, guidance, and clarity on getting there. Each day I ask for the Universe and my guidance team to send me anything and everything that I need to get there.

AND THEN… I just pay attention.

The a-ha moments.

The synchronicities.

The NEED to do something.

All that.

That is your daily aligned and inspired action should you choose to accept it.

Our job? To act on it. Right away. Before the fears, doubts, and worries creep in.

But that doesn’t matter so much anymore, right? Because we know that those thoughts that creep in are just a signal for us to grow. To release. To realize that they are coming up because we are moving closer to our dream. To choose those things that scare us a bit. That make us uncomfortable.

Because with discomfort comes growth. Change.



Get out of your own way.

Grab your paper and pen and let’s think back again. What were some times where an amazing idea or opportunity came to mind and you didn’t act on it because of the negative thoughts that came along with it?

Take some time to look closely and SEE if you can see the opportunity for growth there and those negative belief systems keeping you safe and comfy.

NOW knowing what you know NOW what would you do differently?

It’s time to start thinking smarter. Not harder. Ascension is easy if we allow it.

Onward and upward my friends!