Day 42

And here we are… bringing things to an end.

BUT truly this is just the beginning.

Where do you go from here?

Let’s recap.

We looked back at where you were in previous years. Took a good look at your thought processes. Started taking a look at where this year was headed. Took a lot of good looks at what was actually going on in your brain. Brought a lot of energies to the table helping you shift into bigger and better places. Removing crap holding you back. Moving forward. More crap slinging. More upleveling. More working on those subconscious thoughts keeping you stuck repeating cycles over and over again. Getting you to move onward and upward through them. Getting reacquainted with your DREAM. Building a bigger DREAM. Allowing MORE into your life. Identifying even bigger blocks keeping you stuck. Letting them go. Building your new story. Forgiving. Loving. Apologizing. Learning to move forward. Getting behind the REAL reason you want it all to begin with by identifying your WHY. THE WHY is what is going to keep you moving forward when the crap rears its ugly head again… which it will.

WHICH is what leads us to our final day.

The cycle of repeating crap. The negative though processes keeping you stuck. Always presenting themselves just when you are ready to get ahead. THE things that keep you from achieving your goals… no matter what they are.

Getting out of your own way.

So here is what we are going to do each and every day from this day forward. Create an amazing ritual. Something that helps you be honest with yourself each and every day. Something that helps you love yourself each and every day. Something that helps you keep moving forward each and every day. Something that keeps you ascending and reaching higher and higher as you grow bigger and stronger each and every day. Something to remind yourself why you even began this journey in the first place.

A daily ritual to keep you grounded. To keep you centered. To keep you shining your light for all to see.

Here is a peek at mine. Keep what you love. Leave what you don’t. And, most importantly, build onto it with what truly speaks to your heart. Ask your guidance team for help in creating your own daily ritual and plan. Onward and upward, my friend. It’s time for growth and ascension each and every day for the rest of your life. And so it is done. AMEN!

My daily routine:

These are things that I do daily. There are times this take me to time at all and other days I need to dig deeper and I devote more time. You will find your groove AND it will get easier as time goes on and you truly commit to consistent practice. I can’t echo that enough… CONSISTENT. I do this DAILY and my growth has been phenomenal. AND I notice a difference when I skip a day. I don’t always do things in a specific order but here is the gist of all the things that go through my mind and mostly into my journal. AND yes I find that getting it out via pen and paper works best for me. Do what feels best for you.

Each and every day I’m grateful for what I have. Sometimes it’s a full page or more in my journal. Sometimes it’s in a prayer to the Universe and my guidance team at night. BUT why the heck would my life keep getting more amazing if I can’t be grateful for what I already have.

I dig into the negative thoughts that pop into my head. Anything that pops up even in the slightest I write down, figure out where it’s coming from and why it is popping up, and then I release it and write a new story for myself.

Sometimes questions pop in to my mind that I want to work though and I find when I journal them that I get great responses from my team that pop in to my mind. Usually followed by some great inspired action.

I run through any energies that I think would support me for the day.

I no longer have a ‘to-do’ list. I have a ‘what is my next best aligned and inspired action’ list.

I find that if I put off my inspired action then it may no longer be aligned for me by the time I get around to it so there is no point in keeping a running list. If you understand alignment then this will resonate with you.

I do things that make my heart happy for when my heart is happy, my Soul is happy, and my vibe is super high. The higher my vibe, the more high vibe things come my way. As above… so below. What you think is what you get back out of life. Make sense? This is why it is so important to reframe your negative thought so quickly. Nothing like a steamroller of doom headed your way to ruin your day… or week… or month… you get the picture.

Leave the HOW to the Universe by releasing what I want. This was the hardest one for me. Really getting behind the FEELING of having what I truly desire while at the same time releasing that I might actually get it. WHY? Because I don’t know the absolute bigger picture or WHEN it will be best for me. That is for the Universe to know. I understand I REALLY want this AND WHY and get the FEELS with it AND then I release it. I say “this or something better. And so it is done. Amen.” Then I move along to my next best aligned and inspired action step knowing that or something better is headed my way.

I get clear on what I desire each day. I just write in my journal about what I want. What I deserve. What I would enjoy to have in my life. And I end it with the same prayer I just listed above.

I list out my affirmations. ‘I am’ statements if you will. I start rewiring those connections in my brain by doing this. Positive and present tense statements about how awesome I am and how amazing my life is. Because what you think and believe is what the Universe sends you more of, right? Getting this yet? Good.

I make sure I’m clear on why I want everything. Again, getting behind the feeling because that energetic attachment is what open it up to us.

I understand that each and every day is perfect as it is and there is a lesson in everything and that sometimes I just need to get out of my own way and see it.

I’m always kind to myself. I’m not perfect although I strive for perfection.

I show up for others. By shining my light for others to see it bring more of what I desire into my life. AND it just freaking lights my heart up to do it.

I do my best to live soul-aligned. Taking care of my mind, body, and soul by attempting to show up for myself in all ways throughout each day. Working on my spirituality through growing my gifts and aligning with them. Taking care of my body by caring about what I do to it and put in it. Taking care of my mind via my journaling and thought process. Taking care of my surroundings to keep the energy high vibe and flowing and preventing stagnant energy from piling up. Decluttering anyone?!?!

Taking aligned and inspired action that scares me. Because that is how I grow. And with growth comes upleveling. And with that comes ascension. AND with that comes all the desires. AND the doubts I get to remove and reframe.

You see where this all cycles back?

It all works together to keep us moving onward and upward.

Unleash your gifts. Uplevel your life.

Thank you so much for taking part in my UNCHAINED program. I’ve enjoyed preparing all of this material for you. Please reach out to me if you have not yet scheduled your sessions with me or if you need a bit more 1-on-1 help to get you moving through things.

I look forward to hearing more from each of you about how you can now look at things in a new light and accomplish some amazing things from this year on.

Gone are the days of New Year Resolutions for now you have become UNCHAINED.