Day 40

Well here we are stretching into the last few days of setting yourself up for your most EPIC year yet.

We’ve done a lot of clearing. Upleveling. Dreaming.

Now it’s time to get shit done.


The thought that we squished yesterday.

HOW the freak am I supposed to make all this stuff happen?!


Don’t worry about it AT ALL.

Say what Heather?!

You’ve done gone and lost your ever loving mind… again!

Yep, I’ve heard that before, too.

BUT just bare with me!

HOW is not our responsibility. THAT is the Universe’s responsibility. Leave the heavy lifting to the Universe and it will be brought forward to us in the most perfect timing. WE might not be able to see that yet and that is where trust, faith, and courage comes in.

THAT is THE hardest part for me, personally, and it is actually one of my life lessons that my Soul is here to learn. BUT get this! It is magical on the other side. It really is. We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet we know it is there. From past experience even.

I want to take some time today and reflect on this. I think it’s super important.

Start from today and looking back…

Remember all of the times you struggled like crazy. WHEN you were in it, it sucked. It was awful. You felt like you were drowning and there was no end in sight. BUT eventually you came out of it. AND survived even. I’m not saying it was pretty or perfect but you made it. AND wasn’t it pretty great after it was all said and done. Hey, you! Negative nelly! Let’s focus on the outcome here… leave the negative thoughts for another time!

Yeah, I see you!


Grab your journal and pen and think back a bit to those struggles that you have endured and what came out of it on the other end.

Start to see the cycle here. Dig into it. What thoughts come to mind? How did you feel in the end? How do you feel now looking back on it? How did you feel when you were in the middle of it?

Notice a theme?

Yeah I thought so.

Time to shift some beliefs.

Are you ready? Repeat after me.

Dear Universe.

I know you have a big end goal in sight for me.

I know I can’t see exactly where I’m headed.

I do know that it is magical.

It is more magical than I could even imagine.

AND that is okay to travel each day toward the light without knowing everything.

I choose to leave the heavy lifting up to you.

I choose to show up each and every day for myself.

For my hopes.

For my dreams.

For my SOUL.

For alignment.

For love.

For life.

For enjoyment.

For happiness.

Through the good times.

Shifting the bad.

And on the other end it will be magical.

I trust, have faith, and courage that it will be more magical than I could ever imagine.

AND I choose to let it all go and enjoy the ride.

And so it is. So it is. So it is. It is done. Amen.

AND allow these amazing and uplifting energies carry you away to a place bigger and brighter than you could ever imagine.

Tomorrow we put all the pieces together.

Today we fly.

See you on the flip side!