Day 39

Onward and upward, my friends!

This is the true definition of moving on up. Are you starting to see things shift and change? Do you have a clearer understanding on WHY your goals haven’t been getting accomplished? Are you seeing where the self-sabotage is coming in to play?

Now I’m not saying that this is all an overnight fix BUT the more you identify the crap holding you back, look at it, send it packing, and allow the bigger and brighter in YOU will soon begin to see your NEW life take shape.

AND this is where it begins to get truly magical.


This is all about SOUL alignment.

This isn’t just about having the life you desire. THIS is about tapping in to your TRUTH. WHY you are here. THE thing that lights you up. THE things you really want to do and make happen.

Let’s take a look back again at where you were in the beginning of this program. Remember your goals of last year? Remember the initial thoughts on where you saw yourself headed this year? Remember where you fell down last year? Remember any changes happening as you went through the initial motions in your New Year resolutions?

Huh? Isn’t that interesting? It’s starting to make more sense now isn’t it? Are you feeling stronger about your direction in life?

Look back at the guided meditation you did with me. Did it bring any deep down desires into the light? The things that really light your heart up. CRAZY things that made you think “no way could I do that?”

AND now you are starting to think that… yeah maybe I CAN do that. It actually gets me a little more excited thinking about that.

BUT then the HOW pops into your brain and you get all flustered and you SHUT yourself down.

Yeah. Been there. Done that. Multiple times. I even picked up a gold medal for noping my way out of my greatness.

BUT I can help with that!

Heck YES.

Let’s take a look back again at what came up for you this year via the guided meditation. The amazing things your Soul wants you to begin doing and accomplishing. HOW your SOUL sees your year moving and progressing forward.

We’ve already reworked all of your beliefs and you KNOW you can have it. Even if those negative thought are still there a little. A whisper in your brain… you have a different sense of these new opportunities coming into your life. Can you feel that shift? Even if it is a slight one?

OK. So let’s pretend. Let’s pretend you are fully stepping into that new you. YOU fully believe that is who you are and what you get to have. Period. THE END.

Set the intention right now to put your doubts, fears, and worries aside. We are living in DREAMLAND right now. YOU GET TO HAVE IT ALL AND MORE. Got it? Good!

Grab your journal and pen and jot down a running list of your accomplishments over the next year. The book you will be writing. The new business you are starting. The new job you are finding. The raise you get. The clients you help. You know what it is.

Now the easy part. Why?

Why do you want them? AND NO! Not because your Soul said so. Think about each thing. What do you feel inside when you think about accomplishing that or receiving that? Accomplished. Successful. Safe. Excited. You get the idea. How does each thing make you feel? Why do you want them?

Have fun with this. Start jotting down words and ideas until it really begins to flow. Center yourself in your heart space and write from there. Call in your Soul and guidance team to help you out.


You can have everything you could ever desire IF you can get behind the feeling of it.

Allow yourself to get excited today.

Don’t worry about HOW you will get it. Silence that part of your brain today and just allow yourself to dream.

FEEL the feels.

Have fun.