Day 37

Holy moly! I bet you are starting to feel so much better now, right?

Let’s continue on with rewriting your story.

OK, so you know how I said that I personally resist this part. Because all those old feeling begin to surface that I resist looking at. WELL now they aren’t so bad to look at because we KNOW that when they come up it is just a way for us to say goodbye, acknowledge them, and send them on their way.

So get this… have you checked in to your feelings lately. Those ones that came up the other day when you were looking at what was holding you back.

Let’s do it now real quick, shall we? Take a peek back at those thoughts popping up saying that you couldn’t have it.

Are they feeling a bit more distant?

Yeah, pretty freaking cool, huh? Your brain is literally rewiring itself to cut out the bullshit pathways and wire in new, prettier ones. OMG I just love the body and how it functions on a cellular level. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

AND, this, my friend… is how you write your new life story!

Can I get an AMEN!

Are you feeling my excitement yet? I sure hope so because NOW it’s time to get pumped to do it.

Grab your paper and pen and let’s begin!

Step 2 to moving on to your bigger, newer, and truer you.

YOU create your story. The one you want to watch on repeat every damn day. The one you want to grow with. The one you want to align with. The one your SOUL and GUIDANCE TEAM wants you to align with.

You already began by writing down all the positive thoughts that surfaced supporting that you CAN have all the things. Now it’s just time to take it up a notch.

Take some time now and rewrite the bad and make it good.

How the heck are you going to do that? Simple.

Take a look again at your first negative thought that came up. Remember again how it came about. Pretend now that you are talking to that version of you. In that time. In that place. Feeling those feelings. AND now speak like you would to that version of you. Write it all down beginning with acknowledging those fears and beliefs and understanding why you thought it or felt it at the time. AND now just reframe it into a new story and thought process of how you really want to FEEL.

Here is an example:

I used to have horrible self-esteem. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming did you? Check this out. I used to think I was never good enough. Never pretty enough. Never smart enough. I could go on but you get it. It worked its way into all areas of my life without me even knowing. I would hold back in my personal life, obviously. BUT it was holding me back in business via fears of being judged. LIKE there were things I would avoid like the plague. FOR NO APPARENT REASON.

BUT the crazy thing was I never realized I was doing it. Keeping myself stuck. Flying under the radar. Why? I didn’t want to be told I was wrong… not smart enough. I didn’t want to get made fun of. All the feels like that.

Was this true? Fuck no! I’m amazing at what I do (holistic nutrition and personal training back then). Like, my clients get bomb-ass instant results. I AM the freaking magic pill. I make literal miracles happen with my clients. AND I KNOW THIS. In my logical brain. BUT I always sabotaged myself. WHY?!?!

Anyway… I finally dug into this way back when a few years back and I tracked it back to my dear best friend in high school. AND I saw her. AND myself… and she was always putting me in my place. The place SHE wanted to keep me so she could feel better about herself. AND I sucked it all in. I see an image of me head hanging down in shame because of it. CAN you feel that just reading these words? Yeah. Icky. It was bad. BUT the crazy thing is the ‘me’ back then never saw it like that. I passed it off like it was nothing YET her words weaved themselves into my subconscious and affected me my entire life thereafter.

Holy effing shit.

Needless to say I did the work around it just like I’m instructing you. AND it was a huge shift. AND there was a lot of work to do around it.

So telling my new story:

I know that your friend made you feel unworthy and insignificant. I understand how that hurt your feelings. I know how that you made you feel you didn’t deserve the love and attention that the smart and pretty kids received. I understand that it made you feel small and underserving of love. But you know what? That just isn’t true. You, my friend, are a child of God sent here as a gift to the world to shine your light so bright that others can see through the pain holding them back and keeping them stuck repeating patterns in life that they just don’t need to. YOU are a force to be reckoned with. YOU are more powerful than I can put into words. YOU have done amazing work with your clients. YOU are smart, funny, courageous, beautiful, talented, and more. YOU are deserving of love. Of true friendship that stands the test of time. AND, most importantly, of the gifts that have been given to you so that you may march into this big and ugly world and change lives. YOU are a light bringer. YOU are ready to step into your power. YOU are ready to shine your light. YOU are deserving of ALL your deepest desires. YOUR time is now to show up for the world to see. Beginning now. And it is done. AMEN.

I always add my prayer at the end. It signals my energies to run to shift my mind on an energetic level to align with my new story. Choose to use my closing prayer or add what feels most aligned for you.

THIS is how I chose to rewrite this story. I do different things depending on what is coming up for me.

Take some time now and begin working through the negative things that came up saying YOU couldn’t have it all. Because, quite frankly, it’s all bullshit and WE are calling that shit out NOW. No longer will you be holding yourself back because of some incident that happened TO us. Because it didn’t happen TO us. It happened FOR us to grow. As harsh as it could be. Choose growth.

Uplevel. Ascend. The only person that can write your new story is YOU.

Begin again, my friend. Rewrite your life story.

See you on the flip side.