Day 38

Wow!!! That was DEEP.

Did you feel all the FEELS come up when you were digging into it? You probably had to take some breaks working through them. I know I did. That is a lot of stuff coming up especially if you have a list of beliefs popping up.

So just know this. It gets easier. WAY easier. The more often you dig into the crap coming up the easier it gets. Growth begins to happen. Change shapes your life. You start to look at things differently. You adopt a more positive outlook on life.

YOUR story literally begins to shift and reframe.

It’s magic.

Today is an easy day for you. Just some energies to support all of this shifting.

All you need to do today is take a deep breath and repeat after me.

Onward and upward.

And so it begins again. Amen.

Allow these energies to run so that they can support you in your journey, my friend, and call them in anytime you need them.

I’m sending you a batch of energetic hugs if you choose to accept them.

Each day moving forward is a brighter day.

See you on the flip side!