Day 36


Yep. Freaking A awesome time right here today. Time to literally do it all over again more intelligently this time.

We’ve already cemented in the good. We’ve traced back your bad. AND now it’s time to write your new story. I REALLY love this part. Mostly because it is really hard to get started (for me at least). So check this out. Ugh. When my crap gets deep and I dig into it I get a shit ton of resistance that pops up. All the feels. Honestly I think it’s just the fact that I’ve been burying it away all this time and it’s just so comfy deep down in my subconscious that it doesn’t really want to come out and play.

Hence the energies from yesterday! I love those things. They always seem to be able to stir the pot enough to get the feelings to surface so I can look them deep in the eye, give them a hug and kiss, and send them on their way.

Wait. What?!

Didn’t we already do that?

Freaking A right we did. Like many days already through this course. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Find the thought, feeling, belief that is holding you back. Release it. Feel pretty darn good. Go about your life thinking new and awesome thoughts. AND then BAM there it is again peeking its head out. WHERE did that come from?

Well let me tell you a little story! Get comfy, my friends!

Not long ago in a childhood not too far away you lived a story that wasn’t your own. You adapted to the world around you AND it served its purpose to keep you nice and safe. You know… survival of the fittest and all. BUT now YOU are an adult. A full pledged, I can take care of myself (mostly!), take on the world (on a good day!) kind of adult. So it’s time to do some adulting and get rid of the bullshit holding you back.

NOW in my world we were taught to burry all the crap down. No one needs to see or hear my dirty laundry. We burry it down deep never to see or hear from it again. BUT that really doesn’t happen. It actually sits there in our subconscious and effs our world up! Like holy shitballs! Right?!

BUT here is the crazy part. We don’t actually believe it. Like in our brain we hear it but we don’t hear it. We surely can’t acknowledge it. At least until we have a few too many drinks or a few too many bad days and then the last straw gets piled on and we break and THEN all the FEELINGS come pouring out and we aren’t loved, we aren’t worthy, we don’t deserve anything, we are failures, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

You get the picture, right?

BUT what if you told you that we’ve been doing it all wrong?!

Those feelings are coming up for a reason.

I know you remember me saying this and I will say it over and over and over again until it sinks in. We are not our stories. They were a point in time that happened to us. They sure as hell do not define us. WE choose what defines us. And it’s time to tackle that now.

As we grow and uplevel through life we get rid of things that no longer serve our highest good. In the spiritual woo woo world we call this upleveling. AND in this amazing world we uplevel a certain way. Through our Soul body, our pain body, our emotional body, and our physical body. I know, crazy right?!?!

So as we identify thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us we toss them out. Heal them. And think thoughts that are way better. Once this happens our vibration rises. We got rid of that lower vibration that was holding us back to make room for the new and amazing working its way in.

BUT then after a few days we always fall off the wagon and feel like ass. WHY?!!?!? Make is STOPPPPP!


Yeah, I so get you!

BUT it’s necessary. Let’s think of it as continual growth. We got rid of a thought. We chose a new and better one. Our Soul is super happy. Step 1 done.

But there is more. Now that lower vibration actually has to be removed by those other bodies.

Yeah, now you are getting it.

The FEELINGS start to come up in your emotional body. The yuckiness. The “I want to go hide in bed for a week and drink 10 bottles of wine and sleep all day” part of you kicks in. That doesn’t FEEL good. I just want to hide from it. Or wallow in it. For no good reason.

THEN, if you are lucky, the pain kicks in. The lower vibration is ready to work its way out of your physical body. You might get some aches and pains. Some worse than others. Maybe you feel like you are catching a cold or the flu. Another great reason to tuck yourself into bed and feel sorry for yourself, right?


BUT, you know this is coming, what if we started to change the way we looked at upleveling. WHAT if we chose to ride the wave? To literally take advantage of this and take all those low vibes and rip them out and send them on their way. BECAUSE you know what comes next. When the low vibes leave the higher vibes replace them.

AND then the clouds part, the angels sing, and you can take on the world. There is a spring in your step and you’re whistling with the birds around you.

YEAH. That feeling.

Now think back and remember ALL the times you cycled like this.

Welcome to upleveling.

Welcome to ascension my friends.

Let it all sink in.

Grab your journal and pen and jot some notes down that have come up with this all. Can you think back to recent times where this happened in your life? What caused it? What thoughts came up with it? What was your reaction to it?

Be a detective with it and catch you on the flip side.

Onward and upward!