Day 32

Welcome to the guided meditation portion of this program. Please listen to the audio below when you have the time to commit to listen to it in its entirety and not while driving. Once you listen move on to the questions listed below the audio. Enjoy!…/unchained-guided…/s-gT5wK

Now grab your journal and pen and take some time to free write whatever comes to your mind. Look at your next 12 months in advance beginning with the next month on the calendar.

What are the major details that pop out at you?

What are your accomplishments?

What do you do that lights your heart up?

What are you releasing that no longer serves your highest good?

What new things are you bringing forth into your life?

What is the major focus of this month?

What feels good to you?

What feels not so good to you?

Did you notice any emotions come up with the good and the bad? List all of those out.

Go through and do this for each month thereafter.

What is the major theme that is occurring here?

Remember this is all about free writing. No need to decipher any of it today. Just sit in wonder of it all as it comes pouring back to you.

And so it is done. Amen.

Until next time! Onward and upward my friends.

Feel free to listen to this again and again for more guidance and clarity as you go.