Day 31

Gather your wits about you… it’s time for you to soar high above the Earthly realm and lift off into the heavens above. Transmute, receive, and do it all over again.

This seems to be my message lately. Rinse and repeat. Just like that bottle of shampoo you’ve got sitting in your shower.

Thanks guides. Just what I was looking for. Commercialized spirituality in the form of a shampoo commercial.

BUT the word playing over and over in my mind right now is DUALITY.

So that is the name of the game today.

What the heck are you speaking about Heather! You got those riddles going on again!

Let me break this down for you.

What was will be again. The past comes forth again over and over again. Unless we learn to release it. But WHY do we release? Why… to free up space, of course! We can’t continue to grow onward and upward if we are hanging on to stagnant crap that won’t go anywhere.

Repeat after me.

Release is done

The will is here

Universe please support me

Bring forth my new abilities

Gift me with your Grace

Bring forth amazing new wondrous adventures to take place in this Heavenly space.

I open myself up to receive direction and guidance from the world above and within me.

And so it is here. And so it is done. Amen.

Allow these amazing energies to float into your existence and fill you with the divine guidance you have been searching for. The next few days will be pretty amazing. Allow it all in. Look for all that is appearing around you BUT from a looser EYE. Sometimes looking too closely will just make you a bit crazy.

Set your intentions this day to allow yourself to easily see all that is headed your way and prepare yourself for some big shifts to define your 2018.

Are you ready to allow it all in?

I know I sure am!

Let’s get this year ROLLING.