Day 29

Shoot for the moon and stars!

Did you see the energy attunement I posted in my Soul Circle Facebook Group yesterday? If not it will be going out later today via email as well.

It’s magical. Just like everything else the U sends my way.

Speaking of which… have you been starting to notice any synchronicities or a-ha moments floating your way since digging into this program?

Weird random occurrences.

You know when you get something that pops into your mind that is just totally random and then you SEE something online or HEAR someone talking about it or something similar or start to notice all the cool angel numbers popping up around you?

Well that is your guidance team or internal intuitive abilities saying LOOK AT THIS.

How often do you pay attention to this?

How often do you shrug it off?

How often do you think about how cool that idea is and THEN shrug it off?

That’s what I want to dig into a little bit today.

Those amazing ideas that are popping up on your horizon that are going left alone. In the dark. Probably all scared and lonely. Feeling unwanted.

OK maybe not exactly like that but kinda. Right?!?

Remember that the Universe always has your back. Or Source. Or God. Or your higher self. Whatever your belief system is.

AND your highest self… your Soul… wants you to have the most amazing life ever.

Remember {again!!!} that you are a Soul living a human experience and YOU are here for a higher purpose.

AND there will come a point in time where you are ready to open yourself up to it AND then another point in time where you will be READY to step into that calling. AND by doing programs like this is a signal to the U that you are READY NOW.

AND that is the time when good things start to roll your way.

Usually thoughts and ideas that seem a little scary. A little out of reach. A little uncomfortable.

You see, change and growth does not come from keeping your butt parked on your couch. Change and growth comes from getting off your butt and getting yourself out there and into the world making a difference. AND that can come in many forms BUT they always begin with thoughts and ideas that push your comfort zone.

So today let’s get you out there and thinking about it.

Grab your journal and pen and let’s begin.

Think back through the weeks of this program and just free write any amazing ideas or thoughts that have popped up in your mind. I know they are there. Even if they are buried just a bit under the surface. AND you know how this will go. Just start writing and they will soon begin to surface. Let’s bring them up for a breath of fresh air.

And that’s it. We are just writing them down for your EYES to SEE. I’m not saying jump. Not quite yet. But let’s birth them onto paper.

Sound good? Great! Get going and share with us if you feel called to what one of them is.