Day 28

So… Where is your head at?

Did you have an eye opening journaling session last night?

Did anything surprising jump out at you?

Good or Bad or Both?

So… Have you gotten the hang of what should be coming next? This is important! This will soon become something to fall back on each day of the rest of your life. YES that good and YES that serious and YES, legit, the rest of your life.

Well, only if you want to continue to grow and reach for bigger and better opportunities. Your SOUL is the limit here!

IF you are in a wonderfully good place… what should you do?

IF you have some struggles being presented to you… what should you do?

Take a few moments to think on that before you continue reading to get the answer. My answer! My guides’ answer! Lol

IF you are in a wonderfully good place then you celebrate the heck out of it. I do this via gratitude journaling and I do it every damn day.

I just grab my journal and pen and begin my day with grateful statements. Everything that is lighting you up right now gets jotted down. I say what I’m thankful for and what I’m excited for and whatever else comes to mind. I just start listing. It doesn’t have to be full thoughts just free write whatever comes to mind. I like to do at least a page of my journal or more if I’m feeling the urge.

BUT what if you are being presented with struggles? What then?

Then I like to start by writing them down. State WHAT my struggles are. Then what I feel about them. Then I ask where they came from. What are they here to teach me? Is it my lesson to learn? Did someone else put this on me? Can I easily get out of this? And whatever else pops in to my mind.

I sit in peace with my guides and my pendulum and we just talk it out. I ask a lot of questions that I can get plain old YES and NO answers to and then move on to the next question until I start getting in to the nitty gritty. I go back and forth between asking the YES and NO questions and then journaling my thoughts. I find the more often I do this the easier it gets. I also find that a few minutes into doing this my writing becomes more automatic. More fluid. More channeled and I get a lot of insight from this.

AND then?

I release it.

I let it all go.

I call in my guides, my Soul, and the Universe and I ask them to take away all that no longer serves my highest good including all that I journaled that day.

AND then I proceed to my gratitude journaling and I find as many things as possible to be grateful for.

And you know what?

I find that by the end of my grateful journaling and getting rid of those struggles that were on my mind that I start to feel my high vibe coming back again.

AND why is this important?


Because like attracts like.

As above… so below.

If you are in a low vibe energy mood because of things not going so well then the U has no choice but to send more low vibe crap your way.

BUT if you can turn that around and latch on to some happy vibes you will soon see the tides start to change and good things will start to flow your way.

I mean have you ever noticed that before? When something goes wrong and then all the sudden a few more things go the same direction. Usually quickly followed by the statement that you should never have gotten out of bed that day. Your mood sours and no one wants to be around you… not even you.

I always heard that bad luck comes in 3’s. AND now we know why.

I once heard someone say… I think it was Abraham-Hicks? That it is much easier to stop a car with no breaks rolling down a hill right at the start versus all the way at the bottom once it has picked up momentum. Not a direct quote but you get the gist.

Makes sense, right?

It’s the same way with changing your vibration. AND that is why having a morning or daily ritual of gratitude and addressing your struggles is so key.

You can’t be pissed off and happy at the exact same moment. So I like to release my struggles first and then invite in the positive to take its place.

AND if there are no struggles I keep the positive going by adding in more positive.

AND I would like you to start trying this as well.

So your homework now is to begin a short release and gratitude ritual of your own.

Have fun with it. There are no real rules. Remember you don’t have to do everything as I tell you to do it. The important thing is to take what you love and what works for you and to run with it. Do what FEELS good.

So get going in your journal and work out your struggles and offer some gratitude to the Universe above.

See you on the flip side!