Day 27

It’s about to get all exciting up in here!

But I think I say that all the time… BECAUSE your energy is where it’s at.


Which I say, again, all the time.

BUT I’m sure you have gotten a good feel for me and my guides way of thinking by this point in time.

How’s it all going?

Let’s take a break and take a look.

Where are you?

Right now.

What are you thinking right now?

About your life.

About the direction.

About the path that you are on.

About YOUR life.

Your family.

Your friends.

Your kids.

Your job.

Your work.

Your reality.

WHAT are you thinking?

Let’s take a few minutes, grab your journal and pen, and just free write a bit.

Where is your head at?

Are you happy? Sad? Content? Miserable? Pissed the eff off?

Anything and everything.

Where are you at RIGHT NOW?

Take a couple pages and just sit with it all… then we will dig into some more tomorrow.