Day 26

We are getting there! On to day 26!

Are you feeling the SHIFT?!

Let’s begin with another amazing energy to set the pace for tonight when you dream a little dream and wake up to your new reality.

Here we go!

Repeat after me…

So it is

So is was

So it is again

Release all your troubles to the wind

And begin your day again ready to step into the power you already knew you had buried deep inside of you.

Shift into a state of bliss and open to your vortex of abundance.

Security is yours in the blink of an eye

If you choose to allow it.

So it is here.

So is done.

So your reality is now clear.

Choose wisely.

Choose often.

But most important choose alignment.

So it is done. Amen.

Let these amazing energies course through your body on a cellular level and rest up knowing a shift has yet begun again within you.

Take a few moments to sense in to what is happening for you and jot a few notes down to help you remember it.

Goodnight one and goodnight all! To rise again tomorrow and do it all again and again!