Day 23

Here I sit today catching up from a massive uplevel this weekend.

You know what I’m referring to, right? The uplevel that knocks you on your ass and makes you want to crawl up under your covers and spend all weekend there… or sitting on your couch binge watching Netflix with your pups getting absolutely nothing done.

And it’s OKAY.

I don’t care what anyone else says. It is A-OK to take a few days to just do you.

It makes we wonder what happened in our society to put such a bad rap on taking care of ourselves. WHEN did it become a priority to take care of everyone else before we took some time to take care of ourselves?

Do we then get shamed because of it?

Are we the bad mom or dad for just saying no? The bad keeper of the house for letting that pile sit there for a little too long? Are we the bad employee when we just want to actually take one of our vacation days? Are we the bad entrepreneur because we take time away from it all?

Who created these rules anyway?

What if…

WHAT IF we just took some time to create our own rules?!

AND that is what we are going to do today.

Grab your journal and pen and let’s get started again.

Look at all of the limiting beliefs you have dug up so far. Look at your dream days. Look at your wish lists. AND then look at what you have been telling yourself.

Take a few moments and write down all the RULES that you have been following just because someone other than you told you that you have to. AND I don’t mean the basics of kindness toward others… let’s be real here and dig into the deep stuff under the surface. Take a few moments and explore and then free write about it all.

AND then once you are done look back at them and rewrite YOUR version of these rules. WHAT are you going to show up for from this point forward? WHAT rules are actually going to rule you?

Have some fun with this one and when you are done you can share some with us here.