Day 24

As we begin to pick apart the pieces of your life. Your experiences. You may begin to wonder…


What an amazing word.

Wonder at the possibilities you were truly meant for.

Is that scary in any way?

Wonder that there truly is more to life that you can see at this exact moment in time.

What if…


Yes my favorite phrase popping in again and again.

What if you allowed yourself to wonder at just how truly amazing you already are inside. Underneath all of the layers of “I’m not worthy, not good enough, not brave enough, not smart enough”. Underneath all of the thoughts holding you back on any given day.

Have you ever really started to wonder at HOW exactly you do hold yourself back each and every day? At HOW you limit your own reality? You limit your choices.

Nothing is ever done TO you but always done FOR you.

NOW that one took me a while to wrap my mind around… and it wasn’t pretty getting up close and personal with all of the ways I held myself back. Talk about a kick in the pants.

BUT in order to grow into opportunity being sent our way we need to remove the glasses from our eyes that are shading us from truly seeing the opportunities that are out there for us. We just have to reach out, grab them, and pull them in to our current reality.

AND I do talk about this A LOT. BUT we do create our own reality. AND each day as we form more and more of what we DO want and realize more and more of what we DON’T want it becomes clearer and clearer of the path that we must take.

So today grab out your journal and pen and let’s figure some shit out.

We’ve taken a look at the big picture last year and hopefully you saw where things began to go south. Hopefully you even saw whether it was being done FOR your highest good because there was something better on the books for you OR you saw where you were holding yourself back.

BUT what are some things that pop in on a daily basis that keep you stuck repeating old patterns that need not interfere in your life anymore?

Take a look at your past week. Start from now and just work yourself back. You KNOW what you SHOULD be doing on the daily to help you get closer to your goals. Your daily habits that will push you forward and your daily habits that fight against you.

Take some time and free write whatever comes to mind.

What are some of those nagging thoughts that pop in that tell you that you can’t have it all? What are some of your actions that stop you in your tracks and push you, even subtly, off track?

Don’t be hard on yourself. Take a step back and look at your life from an outside perspective.

It isn’t until we truly SEE through our eyes that we can begin to release what no longer serves our highest good so that we can move onward and upward to a place of massive growth and opportunity.

So take some time now and look through your eyes from that outside perspective.

What do you SEE?