Day 22

Here we go again on our own!

Or is it here I go again on my own?

I was journaling this morning and I swear to you this Whitesnake song came blaring into my mind. Am I aging myself? Does anyone remember this song? If not check out the lyrics… well maybe not all of them because when I googled them it was really the same few lines over and over and over again. And over again. Lol

But the gist of it was this:

I don’t know where I’m going

But, I sure know where I’ve been

Hanging on the promises

In songs of yesterday

An’ I’ve made up my mind,

I ain’t wasting no more time

But, here I go again

Here I go again

Tho’ I keep searching for an answer,

I never seem to find what I’m looking for

Oh Lord, I pray

You give me strength to carry on,

‘Cause I know what it means

To walk along the lonely street of dreams

AND I thought it was just so appropriate. I mean right?! I know you totally see it right?

My guides were like HELLO!!! Lookie!!!

I have no idea where I’m going. And I sure as hell know where I’ve been. Still hanging on to those promises of yesterday and here I go again…

AND this time I’m letting my Soul lead the way… along with my amazing guidance team and the Big Universe, of course. Again, insert your belief system here. Your commander in chief!

I had the most amazing guided meditation with my Soul leading the way AND it led me to the most amazing vision of my year ahead. FREAKING AMAZING! Except I’m not hanging on the promises of yesterday. I’m letting all of that shit go. I mean, what is hanging on to yesterday going to do for me RIGHT NOW? A whole lotta nothing.

You feel me?

What if… what if we allowed ourselves to live our life in the future? AND I’m not talking a dream state. BUT what if we live our life like we were ALREADY living that dream? WHAT if we showed up for ourselves and took the steps that we needed TODAY that we know we would be taking 12 months from now? What do you think would happen?

Well… let’s find out!

Grab your journal. This one will be a fun one. And a pen! Can’t forget the pen!

Sit back. Relax. Get into your zone. Call in your magical guidance team and believe that YOU are already where you always dreamed you were. It can be a general image. Don’t stress yourself out about this one.

NOW. Take a few moments and jot down some thoughts that come to mind when you think about stepping into your future you today. AGAIN… I know we haven’t built your 2018 year yet… but think about WAY down the line where you want your life to lead. THAT person.

What would you do different TODAY that your future you would already be doing?

Have some fun with this. Live the day, the month, the year. This one is all up to you.

I think you might surprise yourself with this one.