Day 21

Holy cheezeballs! Are we at day 21 already?

Where has the time gone?

I hope you all are learning some amazing ways to look at what has come and gone. The good, the bad, the ugly and ways to begin to retrain your brain. You will notice that I tend to release a lot through the program and there is a good reason why.

The dreaded uplevel. AND the associated uplevel flu. I know we’ve already been all over that fun earlier in this program. Have you had the opportunity presented to you yet? To uplevel. To feel all the feels coming to the surface? To feel simply not so well… almost like your body is physically on strike against you… and probably your mind as well.

That, my friends, is all about shifting. Shifting into a higher vibration state. Allowing the GOOD to flow directly to you. Allowing you to access more and more of your God given talents and gifts. Aligning you with your true Soul’s purpose. WHAT you are here to DO and BE and HELP with in this world.

Do you know what your purpose is yet?

And I’m not talking about heading out to your corporate job or your 9 to 5 or your crazy ass insane attempt at making a living. OR insert your non dream job here.

I have a fun thing for you to do tonight.

Let’s dream a little dream.

Your dream.

Grab your journal and a pen.

WHAT if you could do anything you desired for a living AND got paid for it. WHAT would that dream job be?

Where would you work? Who would be your boss? Who would you see? What would you do? When would you wake up in the morning? Would you need an alarm? Do you have an assistant? Do you have a team? Do you work from home? Do you have an amazing office? Do you sit in meetings? Do you fly on jet planes all around the world? Do you have an audience? Are you famous?

Have some fun this one. Live a day in your dream job and tell me all about it. Enjoy!