Day 20

Welcome again to the Sirius Shit Show!

Have you heard me say this before? Well I actually am so blessed that I get to channel The Collective of the Star System Sirius and every blue moon they come to be and start off their message just like that! I freaking love their sense of humor.

BUT this also means they have popped in tonight for me to channel some awesome inspiration from them and IF that is how they are starting this post then we are in for it, my friends.

Kidding… king of 😉

Today is all about letting go of the bullshit that is holding you back.

ALL of the things that you came up with yesterday we are going to let go of today. AND if you are following along with the program then you know this is the most perfect day since it is the trifecta of full moons. Talk about some Sirius energy today!! AND even if you are a wee bit behind any day is a good day for letting go so no worries on your end.

I want you to browse back through your notes from yesterday. Call in your guidance team. AND repeat after me.

I am setting the intention to let go of all that no longer serves my highest good. All that held me back from accomplishing things that were seemingly important to me and even those I had no part in asking for… thank you Universe for always having my back. I hereby ask you and the Universe to transmute all of these limiting beliefs to the heavens above never to plague my existence on this plane again. May I grow stronger, more courageous, more knowing, and feeling for what is right in my world. I hereby ask the Universe to remove all of what no longer serves me while replacing it with the positive belief system of the Universe’s description. May I wake up this next morning more refreshed to take on the day full of amazement and wonder at my newfound beliefs and abilities. My time is now and I choose to accept all that the Universe has for me. This or better. Onward and upward. May I shift easily while I sleep and receive any and all downloads I need. So it is done. Amen.

Allow the energies to run and then take a deep breath and release it all to the world around you.

Today is your day to begin again… more intelligently.

See you on the flip side!