Day 16

All aboard!!! The Intention Express is leaving the station!!

Welcome to day 16 and today we are going to chat about intentions.

As I sit here and sip my coffee and ponder my relationship with the Universe and all that it is and was and will ever be I get the notion that I’ve been here before. Have you ever felt that way?

Talk about a bit of déjà vu!

But seriously! Because ya know how SIRIUS I am about everything! Gotta love that. Get it. Serious… Sirius as in the Collective of Sirius that likes to pop in now and again to give me words of wisdom to share with you.

AND it’s our lucky day because look who has popped in to this post.

I guess they weren’t joking when they said the train is leaving the station. It’s time to wander to a land far off. Amazing new places and spaces appearing before your eyes.

What if?

What if!!!

What if you could have it all?!

What if we are here on Earth doing THE thing and it really is déjà vu?

What if we are here to do it all over again with better perfected timing?

What if you could start all over again and this is DAY 1?

How would you start this day?

Well I have an idea!

Let’s set some massive intentions to get us all in the right mindset. Are you ready?


Repeat after me.

I choose to begin each day again more intelligently.

I choose to learn from lessons past for a brighter future ahead.

I choose to let go of what no longer serves my highest good and transmute it to the heavens above.

I choose to attract all that I need my way easily and effortlessly by aligning with my true Soul’s purpose.

I choose to keep a high vibration of that which matches my vortex of abundance at all times easily and effortlessly.

I choose to see the lessons headed my way so that I can learn from them and release them while maintaining a high vibration.

I choose to attract powerful Soul-aligned people my way to help transform my life in a positive nature for my highest good.

I choose to allow money to flow to me from all different sources easily and effortlessly.

I choose to allow prosperity to enter my life anyway the Universe deems appropriate for my highest good.

This or better is my new mantra for all things I ask for.

I choose to align myself with people that are here for my highest good always.

I choose to easily see the light in any and all situations.

I choose easy and effortless.

I choose to share with my light with the world to help others less fortunate.

I choose to uplevel my life with all opportunities sent my way from the U for my highest good.

I choose to look fear in the eye and conquer it.

I chooses to catapult myself over any obstacle in my way and rise above to see the light shining for me on the other side.

I choose to allow my guidance team to direct me in all things for my highest good and to SEE the signs they are sending my way. Hello synchronicities!

I choose to affirm daily all of the wondrous things that are coming into my life.

I choose to affirm daily all of the wondrous things about ME {yes you!}.

I choose to look myself in the eye on a daily basis and LOVE me {yes you… again!}.

I choose to rip open the blinds shading me from seeing the truth that has been within me all of this time.

I choose to release my awesomeness into this world one minute at a time.

I choose to live in my newly created reality and see things from a fresh perspective.

I choose to release the past.

I choose to release what is not mine to hold on to.

I choose to allow peace and flow into my life on a daily basis.

I choose ME. I believe in ME. I love all that I am. I am perfect right now in this very moment and everything is as it should be right this very moment.

Onward and upward my friends!

Repeat these intentions on a daily basis and see your spirits start to lift while your world starts to shift.

So it is. So it is. So it is. It is done. Amen!