Day 17

Beginning today we are ushering in a new era.

Or is that just a new year? NO! A new era for sure. BECAUSE we will be using everything we are learning to completely rewrite HOW we view our lives from this point forward.

I have this sign in my home. WRITE YOUR OWN LIFE STORY. Want to know the funny thing? I had no idea what it really meant when I bought it many years ago at one of those cheapy retail stores. I just saw it and thought it would look great on my wall.

AND let’s talk about writing for a minute since we are chatting about it.

I HATE writing. I bet you never would have thought that, right? I HATE it. At least that is what I told myself for YEARS. OK, more than YEARS. Basically my whole freaking life. I hated anyone even mentioning writing. It brought back horrible memories of school. English was a subject I never excelled in. You might even be able to guess that entirely based on my grammar. Thank you for not mentioning it!

BUT I have to write. I have been writing programs for my clients for at least 7 or 8 years now. AND then there is the whole social media thing. Granted I didn’t really get into showcasing my writing there until the past few months. Want to know one thing that I’ve learned? I have a voice. And I have a ‘zone’ where everything flows. I used to think that I had to be in the zone to find the voice to find the flow when really I just had to set the intention and sit down and do it. THAT was a really cool kick in the pants lately. The voice is just aligning with my Soul and then the flow is channeling the words from my Soul and my guidance team. Yes, it really is that easy once you get used to it.

So why am I even getting into any of this anyway? OH YES! I write. A LOT. Well, actually, I journal a lot. Like every day. Sometimes more than once a day. YET another thing I hated. Journaling. Who journals? Definitely not me… as thoughts of keeping a diary popped in to my head. HATED that idea, too. Who knew it would actually become a daily ritual AND the reason that I am able to leap buildings in a single bound! OK, not really! BUT it is how I’m able to get to the bottom of things that are holding me back and keeping me stuck in life.

I look at journaling now as a way to write my own life story and get rid of what is no longer serving my highest good while reframing how I look at things in my life. It’s literally been life changing. AND I want it to be life changing for you as well.

So… are you ready?

Today’s challenge. Grab your journal and your pen and let’s get to it!

I want you to spend some time outlining the challenges that have been popping in to your head since we started. Anything and everything. Doubts. Fears. Worries. Cycles you have identified that you repeat over and over and over again that you don’t actually want to keep repeating!

Anything that comes to you I want you to write down.

Anytime that you did an exercise in the past 16 days that caused a negative thought to pop up in your head. Anything going on in your current life that is bogging you down. Someone in your life that is just making you crazy insane crazy. Things that you wish you could change but just can’t see a way out of it ever. All the negativity. All the craziness. All the blah.

Get it out and just write freely. Don’t force it. You know it will come.

And then tomorrow we will give you a fun exercise to do with it all. AND NO… I’m not talking about actual exercise. Like push-ups. Unless you want to.

See you on the flip side!