Day 15

And so it is day number 15.

I know you hear me say that a lot… or read me?? You get the gist. Even my daughter was so awesome tonight as I tucked her into bed. “Momma… can you say it with me.” You know I talk about my 8 year old A LOT. It’s because she is super sensitive to energy and VERY AWAKE. As in very in tune with the Universe and her guidance team. Heck, when I was still using my pendulum to figure it all out she already had her clairaudience working full steam ahead AND I used to even ask her to help talk to MY guides.

Can you believe it?!

YES! I say that A LOT as well. It took me TIME and PATIENCE and a shit ton of TRUST to get this good at communicating with my team. Well… that and A LOT attunement and activation energy to unleash the greatness that has been hiding within me all this time! Goodness gracious I love this stuff. AND that means YOU have a shit ton of stuff hiding within, too!! EEEEEK.

And you know what that means? Since you are in this program with me and all… I get to give you massive doses of ENERGY to unlock all your coolness within. I love my job. Is it even a job? It’s my BEING. Just by being in my energy I affect people. AND you do, too, without even knowing it. THIS is where it starts to get really FUN! I love that word! FUN!

OK, so I know this isn’t really technically a ‘dig in and get your gifts out to the world’ program like my ELEVATE program BUT since you are here and all AND I kinda need you communicating with the big U and your guidance team to really dig in and fully expand to your full amazingness you will get some goodies sent your way. A LOT.

So back to that prayer with my daughter. She has some things we are working on that are left over from her having some rough weeks as a baby. Although she is perfectly healthy in the doc’s eyes she still has some healing left to do inside which is what I tend to be really super good at. So each and every night we say a prayer. BUT Caitlin and I really know the difference. Each and every night we run energy. Healing energy. AND I know it makes a difference because I would say she is way more in tune to energy than I am and feels it much more deeply than I do. My senses don’t work quite the same way that hers do.

So each and every night she starts with her intentions (prayer) to the U and then I finish up with mine. And then we end it with “So it is. So it is. So it is. It is done. Amen.” And then the energies just run. I don’t feel them unless I’m choosing to run them on myself but each and every time she feels them work their way through her body and into her tummy where she needs the healing. I just love that she is so connected. And each and every time she says those magic words the best smile spreads across her face. She said “that just feels really good.” AND she is referring to the phrase. Sent to me pretty early on by my amazing guidance team when I was still trying to figure it all out.

AND you will soon be a rockstar at these energies, too. If you aren’t already! I still remember the days when I used to think every activation or attunement energy would finally be the one that would hit my body and I would be like “I get it now!” BUT it took a while. So if you aren’t feeling it or seeing it or sensing it in anyway just know my accepting it in and saying the prayer that the energies are running through each and every cell of your body and every area of your life slowly healing and aligning you to your best true you.

So here it. Let’s make today a great day to open up and connect in with your guidance team. You may not sense their presence but we are calling them in to assist you so that they may help you in this amazing journey of yours to your best 2018.

Are you ready?

Repeat after me.

Calling in my guidance team and the Universe.

I ask for help and guidance in all matters presented to me.

In sickness and in health.

In love and in frustration.

In good days and in bad.

In low vibration and in high.

In all matters of my heart and mind and Soul I call out to you for clarity and guidance to point me toward my one true North.

Always and forever.

From this moment on.

For my highest good.

Always this or better.

So it is. So it is. So it is. It is done. Amen.

Allow these amazing energies to run and welcome it all in.

Onward and upward my friends. The Universe has your back.