Day 11

Welcome to day 11!

Today is all about what is holding you back and keeping you from accomplishing your epically big goals in the first place.

Whoo hoo!!! Let the FUN begin!

Nah, kidding. BUT it won’t really be that bad. So the reality is that many of us upon the New Year make really great resolutions to be all and do all and then life gets in the way or something happens and then POOF we get off track and before you realize it the next year is already upon us. I mean sometimes we are lucky and we squeak things through BUT that isn’t for the majority.

So let’s take a minute to figure out where you are at.

Another easy day here.

What were your big goals for the year of 2017? Did you even set any? Do you remember what your mindset was back then? Heck! Maybe you managed to knock it out of the park. If so, let’s celebrate it!! BUT if you didn’t know it’s A-OK. This just gives us the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. One year older and wiser… am I right?!

So, again. Take a look at where you were when you started the year LAST year. What were you excited about? What was going to be THE thing you wanted to see happen with your life? What was your PLAN?

Take a moment and jot it all down. All the feels, the hopes, the dreams, the vision board revival. And when you are done take another moment and jot down why it was so important to you. What was the driving factor behind it? What caused you to come up with it in the first place? AND after that just take a few more moments to think back and see how your year flowed with that plan or that vision in place. Did you stick with it until you smashed it out of the park and then moved on to the next thing OR did you step up along the way? Did you catch yourself when you fell or did it happen before you even realized you were spinning down that hole? If you got off track, can you see where it happened and what caused it? If not, that’s okay. We will be getting into it. Just for now we want to see if there is an identifiable pattern.

And when you are done with this all, take a moment and love on yourself. You are exactly as you should be in this exact moment. In the right place. At the right divine time. Everything happens to us and for us for a reason.

AND then take a deep breath in and let it all out to be transmuted by the Universe. TODAY is your day to begin again more intelligently.

Onward and upward my friends!