Day 10

Here we are moving on to day number 10, my friends!

Are you hanging in there?

Another easy day before we head in the big stuff I have set aside for this week. I’m getting really excited about this guided meditation!

BUT today is all about bringing in the New Year… again.

Say what?!?!

I know! Really freaking crazy, right?

Surprised me too when that popped out of my mind. Tricky guidance team.

Today I want you to grab your journal and pen and begin again more intelligently.

Explain to me, via your journaling session, what the New Year represents to you and WHY?

Told you it was easy. The reason? It’s time to tap into the motivation behind what this is really all about because I have an ulterior motive. Which is normal. You’ll get used to it.

But until then, jot it down. Not just a sentence. You won’t get away that easily! I want at least a page. So you know how this goes by now. Start off by jotting down what pops in to your mind and before you know it, it will start to all flow out of you.

Need some help? Just ask yourself some questions.

Why is the New Year mark on the calendar significant to me?

Why is XX {the answer from above} important to me?

Keep asking yourself why until you hit THAT thing that makes your heart skip a beat. Ugh, yeah, THAT thing. Why is this important to you? What keeps happening in your life that makes THAT thing so important to you? Dig deep. Did anything surprise you?

If so, or even if not, tell us all about it!