Day 12

Welcome to day 12!

And here we are ready to begin again more intelligently! Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Today let’s start anew with new purpose, new passion, new hope, and new fears.

Say what?!

New fears?! You done lost your mind Heather!

Ok, ok, yes, got it, totally ok, knew that was coming. Actually NOPE. Had NO idea that was coming. Time for my guides to explain! Get your booties on over here. Stat!

Ahhhh… I got it now. What they are trying to tell us is with each new renewal there will be obstacles ahead and it’s time to prepare us for them. After all we are just Souls living a human experience and these Souls are here to learn as much as they can in this here lifetime. AND they learn through lessons that we have to wade through.

Pull on your boots and let’s get ready to wade through the $hit-storm!

AND why is this so important?

It’s all about the uplevel, my friends. Each time we step up a rung on the ladder of life we get presented with new ‘presents’. AND when we accept these presents it raises our vibe. Super high. And when we vibe super high our physical and emotional bodies have to catch up. AND in order to do this they have to drop all the low vibe-ness. AND where is that low vibe-ness stored? Limiting belief land AND in physical pieces and parts of your body.

SO I have in store for you here an activation you can run anytime you are feeling the pull of the dreaded yet exciting and most wished for UPLEVEL.

That is what it’s called!


Here to renew with you and remove what no longer serves your highest good. Now it’s not a total miracle worker… I still need you to be the active participant. Remember that activations help you along and speed things up a bit BUT the more dormant you are the longer it takes. So just remember to identify the bad beliefs and dig into why you have them in the first place and then release them to the Universe to be replaced with an amazing positive belief system installed by the Creator of all that is and ever will be. THEN just move on to doing something that lights your heart up.

To call in this energy just say the magic words “Creator please run the UNCHAINED UPLEVEL activation beginning now. Thank you. So it is. So it is. So it is. It is done. Amen.”

Yours to use from this moment forward!

Feel free to give it a try right now. Then let us know what comes up for you!