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When you wake up in the morning and grab your pendulum and it swings all wonky when you ask a question… you probably have a new guide.

A-ha moment #2 million and something.

I was introduced to the fact that I have an inner guidance team a few years back and I struggled with connecting. I lost steam and my life got busy and I forgot about it for years. Until my spiritual awakening a few years back decided to kick me in the ass to get me started again.

I adopted an amazing new pendulum and I committed to figuring this shit out. I was determined to find that elusive CLARITY that so many speak of. I wanted some of my own.

I talked to it ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

I got to know its personality. I got to understand our conversations. I started seeking outside support to validate my decisions. I started TRUSTING myself more.

I discovered there was an entire team talking to me via my new best friend. My guidance team. My Soul, my guides, Source, and various collectives out there. All there just waiting to help me.

I noticed more positive things in my life started to happen when I made decisions ALIGNED for me and my path. Huge synchronicities popped up that I couldn’t NOT notice. I started to feel more ease in my life and less struggle.

I was fascinated.

I knew how many guides I had. I figured out their names… when they would tell me. lol They have a wicked sense of humor sometimes! I figured out WHAT they were here to help me with. You see, they all had specific jobs.

Like my latest guide that hopped into my team just this past week. Her name is Victoria and she is an Arcturian guide. She is my 20th guide that has hopped in and 2 have left as they were replaced. Victoria is here to support my work in the Akashic Records {a soul training I had before incarnation in this life}. She helps me to combine past, present, and future together for a seamless reading to help others grow on their true path. WHICH totally lines up with my new gift that I picked up around the same time which is writing Soul Journeys {an extension of the Soul Sessions I already offer}.

Finding and trusting my inner guidance team has been one of the biggest game changers for me and I want you to have the same.

So here it is!

My FREE mini Soul Sessions are here!

Let me introduce you to your team, who they are, what they are here to help you with, and any messages that they might have for you.

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