My new mini activation

I’m celebrating freaking awesome uplevels!!

Receiving activations has helped my growth tremendously and I want to SHARE the MAGIC with YOU.

Join me LIVE Saturday at 1PM PST to receive the following Lightcode Activations + BONUS clearing of the CRUD making you crazy.

{Catch the replay below!}

  • Activation 1: Be the Change
    This loving Arcturian energy will open you up to all things past, present, and future. Weaving its way through your body unlocking potentials not yet realized. It’s time to open your eyes to the possibilities just waiting for you.
  • Activation 2: See the Change
    This powerful Arcturian energy opens your eyes to things yet to be seen. Catch a glimpse inside of what resides within. Receive messages from your guides to set you on your path.
  • Activation 3: Uplevel Your Life
    This powerful Arcturian energy unlocks the doors to gifts given to you years long past. Open yourself up to receive this boost and claim what was already yours.
  • Activation 4: Once Upon a Time
    This amazing Arcturian energy tells a story from your Soul. Take a glimpse into your past to see, feel, hear, or imagine your stories of old. What shaped you into the person you are today? And how can it help you on your true path?


Energy strengthens in groups. Because of this I would like to offer a BONUS clearing for those that are able to join me LIVE on this call.

Removing energetic hooks, cords, waywards, and implants.

These energetic attachments exist within our energetic body and can drain us without even knowing it. I have woken up several mornings just feeling OFF even after having plenty of rest. What’s the deal? I love to run a scan of my body and see what my Soul has picked up during her travels beyond the veil while I’m off in lala land. Various symptoms from these energetic attachments can range from grogginess, irritability, a sense of something not being quite right, brain fog, sadness, negativity, pain in certain areas, dizziness, nausea, stiff neck, or even the ability to not get someone out of your head.

Let’s take a load off. Literally!

I will run my favorite activations that I use in my personal morning routine to clear the crud out and get me focused and vibrating high for the day.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Catch the replay below!

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