Day 2

What is the one thing, that if no other ‘thing’ happened this year, would make you feel complete, honored, amazed, fulfilled?

You see, we all have lessons to learn. Repeating cycles here to point us in obvious directions. To gain a perspective in life meant for us as observers. Watchers of our own fate. Believers in our own form of justice. Actors upon our own free will.

But what, when you really get down to it, make us tick?

What is the one thing that we yearn for?

What is the one thing that will bring us freedom?

Freedom from the cycle.

The cycle of pain. Disbelief.

The inability for us to gain trust in ourselves. In our world.

The inability for us to get a foot in the door of our new world. The one that we create within ourselves.

What is it that truly makes us tick?

Like the inner workings of a clock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick… Tock.

On repeat over and over again.

Just like the cycle of life.

The cycle of our beliefs.

The cycle of our own biological clock.



So, what makes you tick?

What is the one driven purpose in your life that keeps you going day after day? Week after week. Year after year.

What is it that you are truly blessed with?

Your purpose for being here.

What, inside you, do you go to… to determine your own reality?

And what, if given the choice, lights you up more than no other?

Take a few moments now and look within.

{here is an energy to help you out}

Take a deep breath and repeat after me.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Meandering time goes back and forth.

Through the days and the years.

The unknowing and the known all the same.

What does my year have in store for me?

Tick tock goes the clock.

{allow yourself to accept the energies while they run for you}

And then just let it appear.

In your thoughts. In your mind’s eye. Your inner ears. Your knowing beliefs.

What is the one thing, if you accomplished nothing else this year, that would make you complete?

Take a few minutes to jot this all down and feel free to share it with me.