Day 3

Here we are onto day 3 and we are going to take a ride on the wild side.

I hope you are ready!

Let’s take a glance back at your year in the making.

WHAT if… what if you could have every single thing you want this year?

What would it all be?

Think of this as a vision board in the making… with your journal and pen.

Don’t overthink it.

AND don’t hold yourself back.

If you could have everything you desire by the end of this year… what would it all be?

Have some fun with this. Feel free to start small until it begins to flow. THEN let your Soul inside of you take the wheel and let the fun things really come out in the end.

Take as much time as you need and make it as long as you wish. For you are a child of God and can have everything that you wish for… and more. You just have to imagine you can.

AND imagine you will.

Beginning right NOW.

So let’s begin!

Feel free to share a summary with me when you are done!

Let your imagination run wild. There are no wrong answers or anyone telling you what to do. Except your Soul… and, quite frankly, you should listen to your Soul more often.