Chicken or the Egg

chicken in egg

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Such a random question that popped up this morning and HOW it popped up is even more random.

Are you ready for this?

So I was pulling cards for myself… which I haven’t done in WEEKS.

I used to do it every single day UNTIL my clairs really started to come in. My claircognizance and clairaudience is freaking on point these days. Magical messages just rolling right into my brain to share with you. Well mostly. I do keep some of that stuff to myself. BUT that is a whole nother story!

Back to the freaking bomb-ass cards I pulled today. They kicked ass. You see, I’ve been spending a shit ton of time working on me. My gifts. My Soul work. You name it. I was desperate to find THE ANSWER to why my life has been a freaking train wreck of massive proportions. Or at least to me it was.

Wandering around every single day STRUGGLING. Always struggling. It seemed to be never ending UNTIL I figured out WHY! Holy shit moment right there. But, you guessed it, that’s another story that is going up on my blog that I’m starting this freaking weekend!

So chicken or the egg? I was reading my cards and this popped into my mind. Just minding my own business and bam! Which came first? The chicken or the egg? WTF?! Like really! WHERE did that come from!

When in doubt blame your clairs!

I knew it was a message of some sort so I dug into it. Because that’s how I roll.

I asked the question out loud. And guess what?! I got a freaking answer.


Excuse me?


The voice repeated itself. My guides are awesome like that. Can you say


And then it ALL MADE SENSE!



The egg was already in the chicken when the chicken was born. Therefore both came first.

I feel like I cracked the code to universal laws or something! I’ll take my reward in large green bills, thank you!

BUT really!

Think about it. This is magical!

We are all born with such amazing gifts already inside of us. But most of us don’t know it. Or believe it. Or want to believe it. Or just plain ignore it.

It’s such a tragedy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I remember when I started my journey not even that many months ago. Well technically I started my journey much earlier than that BUT I actively started pursuing them back in April. I was intuitive and I had 8 guides. That is all I knew. My psychic friend told me that which is the only way I even knew that much.

Sound familiar to anyone?

BUT I wasn’t special.

I didn’t have any REAL gifts.

Not like the amazing psychic ladies I had been seeing in all of these spiritual Facebook groups. You’ve seen them. Or maybe you are one. BUT freaking AMAZING the things they can do!

But that wasn’t me. I was sure of it.

I would read all of these fun paranormal fiction books with characters of seemingly endless abilities to cure, kick ass, heal, fight, and just freaking save the world. And I would daydream that it was me.

Yeah, yeah… you know you’ve done it, too!

BUT I was just me. Normal. Your every day average person working the JOB to pay the BILLS to put FOOD on the table. Rinse and repeat every day.

UNTIL I realized that my gifts were just hiding.

They were dormant.

Just waiting for me to wake the fuck up and realize that the egg was inside of the chicken the WHOLE FREAKING TIME!


What started off as me trying to find the answer to why I was struggling so much in my everyday life turned into the most amazing journey of self-discovery as I opened the door to SEEING so much more than I ever thought I could. Not literally. At least not yet. That is my last clair that is ready to be nurtured RIGHT FREAKING NOW. Why do I know this? It was in my cards this morning. AND I knew it was coming because my guides told me so. I love them. I hope you love yours, too. They are the best guidance system EVER!

Let this be a lesson to everyone reading this.

Your egg is ready to be birthed, my friends. It was inside of you this entire time. Just waiting for the day when you would open yourself up to it.

Nurture it.

Grow it.

Love it.

Open yourself up to it.

And for the sake of that is freaking amazeballs in this world let it the fuck out!

Because I can tell you it is more wondrous than you can ever imagine.

Now go.






And if you need any help to get those gifts to come in NOW check out my 172 Strand DNA Activation.

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Those are your gifts hiding there in those dormant strands. Light them up. Wake up the parts of your brain that have been sleeping for far too long. It’s time for you to access all that you were meant to in this lifetime.

My clairaudience came in the week after I did mine. What will be unleashed for you?

Check out the deets.

Unleash your gifts. Uplevel your life.

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