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I had a freaking epiphany

You know, one of those rocking a-ha moments.

Where everything comes together. The clouds part, the angels sing, and everything is right with world.

I had been struggling.

Struggling to find who I was in this world. What was a glorious 18 year career in fitness & nutrition has turned into being a complete spiritual-a-holic. Woman of woo. Psychic badass. I can’t seem to go a day without getting my spiritual groove on.

And I’m not just talking about journaling limiting beliefs and becoming one with my guides.

I’m talking down and dirty work on myself.

Awakening my true self. The spiritual woo woo psychic badass that’s been hiding within me FOREVER.

You see, it turns out I’m a HEALER.

If you would have told me this 8 years ago I would have told you that you were crazy.

But! I’ve had massive growth and massive a-ha moments to go along with it… not to mention the kick ass upleveling as well.

So out with the old and in with the NEW.

That is the day I came out of my HEALER closet.

Downloaded to me directly from SOURCE and co-created with my awesome SOUL (you know since she is in the driver seat writing this).

I give to you the most badass…

172 Strand DNA Activation

Complete with your crystalline body upgrade, additional chakra points, and a lean & mean cardiovascular system upgrade. Cuz you need all of that to stay in the game.

The ascension game.

I invite you to RISE to the occasion with me and take your epic skills to a whole new level.

Unleash the badass you know is hiding within you.

Have you heard that we all only use a small percentage of our brain? Well that goes the same with our dormant DNA. As we start down our spiritual path we start to receive signals from the Universe that it’s time to wake the freak up. Signals get sent awakening our sleeping DNA which then sends signals to our dormant parts of our brain to get MOVING. As more of your senses awaken, you find more of your gifts, talents, specialties, and badass SUPERPOWERS start to come in. Your clair’s sharpen and you feel more connected than ever.

See what my other clients have to say!

Well it’s time again to get that shit MOVING.

Your all new 172 Strand DNA Activation is waiting for you.

Get yours today!

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