It’s already within you

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Here I sit to write my post for today and I began thinking.

Thinking of what is to come. For me. For you. For all of us on this journey to seek out what is truly seeking us already. Have you thought about it before? That with which we are seeking is already seeking us.

Wait. What?! But that’s just crazy talk! Am I right?! Or am I RIGHT?

Ok. Enough with the crazy talk. Let’s get down to business!

That which is seeking you is already within you. I know you’ve heard me say this a million times especially if you’ve been on a call with me. And if you haven’t been on a call with me then go ahead and grab your complimentary spot in my calendar by filling out your information below. STAT I say!

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Think about it. That which is seeking you is already within you. What does this say to you? It says to me that we have everything we need already within us. Inside of us is this amazing amount of information. Gifts galore. AND the guidance system already built-in to help us navigate ALL of it! That’s pretty amazing, I say.

But how do you access it? I mean how many of us are running around all darn day trying to figure out life. The story. Our story. What it is we should be doing. How we know we are meant for so much more but spend more time spinning our wheels than actually accomplishing anything besides the uber amount of frustration that we bring upon ourselves. YES ourselves. We do this damn thing to ourselves all the damn time. Now it’s time to knock that shit off!

What if? What if we spent all of that time that we spend chasing our tails actually committing to growth. To discovery. To unearthing the amazing gifts we already have waiting within us to explode out and capture our amazing awesomeness in a ball so bright that EVERYONE all around the world… and probably even in higher dimensions… can actually SEE us. The real us. The real YOU. Just waiting to emerge. Just waiting for you to pull your head out of your ass long enough for you to SEE just how amazing you truly are ALREADY.

Isn’t it time? Time for you to grab the bull by the horns and take charge of the direction in which your life is heading. Time for you to be as amazing as we all already know you are. Time to throw caution to the wind and stand up for what you know is truly your destination in this big and grand world of ours. Time to speak your truth and step out of the shadows keeping your light hidden from us all. Time to SEE just how amazing it is on the other side of it all.



And you will have it all, my friend.

And I get it! I so really get! It can be really scary out there in the big bad world full of Judgey Mcjudgersons. They can be mean and cut throat. And just downright rude.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because those aren’t YOUR people. YOUR people will step up to the stage you are standing on and high five you as you walk down the aisle. They will perk their ears and listen to every damn word you have to speak… or write. They will know your journey for they are living it now. They will come to know you for who you really are and the truth you speak to the world. And, through you, they will know they can have it all.

So RISE, my friends.

The occasion is NOW. TODAY. Not tomorrow for that is not written in stone.

Stand up today. Step out today and do something that scares you a little bit.

And then send me a message and share with me what it is.

Speak your truth. Show up. Be consistent. And it will all be yours in the end.

Allow your gifts to come in and nurture them as they bring to blossom what has been inside of you this entire time.

As your gifts grow, so will you.

You will see less struggle. Less pain. Less frustration in this growing world.

AND then, before you know it, you will look upon yourself in the mirror and see the light within yourself shining brighter than you could have ever imagined.

Now look upon your Soul and hear what she is saying to you.

Can you hear her? What is she saying to you?

Listen for sometimes her words blend with your own.

Now carefully write down her message to you and share it with the world.

And if this message of mine speaks to you then seek out my other gifts that I have to share with you.

Now go forth.



Unleash your gifts. Uplevel your life.

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