Prosperity Code 4

Here it is. The big Kahuna. The whammy of them all. Code #4 brings it all together. Success. Failure. Survival. It comes with it all. Gone are the thoughts of lack but without it all would you even be concerned at all? Now what I mean here is it’s all about contrast. Tough lives lead to better lives through learning what it is you DON’T want. Now ALLOW this code to let you focus on what you DO want. It’s time for a mindset change and this code is going to give you a helping hand with that.

It’s time to turn your eyes to the sky and imagine a life greater than all that is or ever was. Shine as bright as the sun and attract it all with ease and grace. For you, my friend, are a child of God and can have everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

Accept this loving energy to open your mind up to new possibilities and receive them with ease. For the future is already yours. You just have to ask.

Please listen to this code 4 days in a row.