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A little message from me to you today with a free activation at the end for those hitting some turbulent waters in their journey to find their true soul’s purpose.

and this too shall pass…

I had the strangest thought this morning as I journaled.

I feel like I start the beginning of every conversation this way these days. Can you relate?

So I’m journaling and all of the sudden the theme song from the show Outlander begins playing in my head.

Sing me a song of a lass that is gone. Say, could that lass be I?

Are you familiar with the tune?

I seriously love this show and my fascination with all things Scotland, Ireland, and times of old seems to have taken over my life as of late. There may have even been some binge watching of shows now and again. Yeah, don’t judge. You know you’ve been there a time or two… or three. 😉

So I was journaling this morning and the song begins to play in my head and I had to take a step back because it was so totally out of place that it caught my attention. Not one of those where you get a song stuck in your head and sing it all damn day but just an odd lyric or two that suddenly pops in your head totally unrelated to ANYTHING else that is going on.

So, naturally, I dug into it.

Of course the first thing I had to ask was if it was just me or if it was my guides sending me a message.

Spot on! It twas my guides!

What did they tell me after they confirmed it? To look into it. OK, this ought to be good!

And that is what I did.

I can’t say it got very far. A quick google landed me on YouTube to give it a listen. Then on to researching the actual song and how it came about. BUT the nagging thing in my head were some of the lyrics and they just felt familiar. Like that is what I should be looking at.

Sing me a song of a lass that is gone

Say, could that lass be I?

And it dawned on me.

I’ve been doing a shit ton of work on myself these past several months and the changes all seemed so subtle until I took one good look back at where I was when I began this journey into Soul Alignment. I am leaps and bounds from there. That person seems like such a stranger to me now. Gone are the doubts and fears holding me back and keeping me struggling and stuck in a world that was never meant for me in the first place.

Gone are the moments of disbelief struggling to find what was already hiding inside of me this entire time. I already had all of the answers I needed. I just had to look in the right place for them. And oh what a magical journey it was to get from there to where I am headed. My real path in life. My true North. Steering my ship on this epic journey we call life through somewhat turbulent waters at times. Knowing that on the other side is something more magical than I can even grasp the concept of.

So I let go. And that, my friends, was where the true magic began.

The lesson in this all is what I’m sure you are wondering now… as am I!

Let it be known that all you need is already within you. Which I know you hear me say a ton. BUT it is trusting in your own inner guidance system that is key to unlocking all of your amazing gifts within. Look to the sky above and the sea below for the guidance you need on your journey ahead. AND when in doubt call in the help of the sailors around you.

And what does all of this mean?

Think of it this way. The sky above is the Universe. God. The Creator. Source. Whatever name you choose to use. The sea below are your troubles at hand. Your limiting beliefs causing turbulence in your journey. The sailors around you are your experienced guidance team here to help you navigate these bumpy waters and keep your ship pointing towards your true North… your path. Your true Soul’s Purpose here in this life. What you are MEANT to do with your life.

You have everything you need to get there if you just allow yourself to trust that whatever is on the other side is more magical than you could ever imagine.

So keep the FAITH.

Keep the TRUST.

And sail on to YOUR true North.

And if you hit some turbulent waters remember to tune in to what they are trying to tell you.

Need help figuring out what that is?

Reach out to me and let’s figure out what is causing the riff in your journey.

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And until then, check out my new activation sent to me from Source for you when those times get tough.

Until next time…

Unleash your gifts. Uplevel your life.