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I spent the last few years struggling, made a new commitment to myself this year to figure out what the heck is going on with me, and as of this month I had my most massive uplevel and completely switched paths.

It was surreal. Like 1 day I’m a holistic nutritionist and the next day I’m someone I never knew could exist…

I now understand true ALIGNMENT.

I have downloads coming in like crazy along with new gifts. The stuff I’m getting is epic. OMG And, for once, I feel totally at PEACE.

The kicker? I learned a few months back I could read my Akashic Record and my SOUL’S PURPOSE is the help people awaken. My job is to make their journey easier and faster. Which I never understood how I would until this month. BUT this is me.

And because of this, I’m celebrating!

Celebrating the freaking awesome UPLEVELS!! Receiving activations has helped my growth tremendously and I want to SHARE the MAGIC with YOU.

Join me in this amazing mini program to receive the following Lightcode Activations.

  • Activation 1: Be the Change
    This loving Arcturian energy will open you up to all things past, present, and future. Weaving its way through your body unlocking potentials not yet realized. It’s time to open your eyes to the possibilities just waiting for you.
  • Activation 2: See the Change
    This powerful Arcturian energy opens your eyes to things yet to be seen. Catch a glimpse inside of what resides within. Receive messages from your guides to set you on your path.
  • Activation 3: Uplevel Your Life
    This powerful Arcturian energy unlocks the doors to gifts given to you years long past. Open yourself up to receive this boost and claim what was already yours.
  • Activation 4: Once Upon a Time
    This amazing Arcturian energy tells a story from your Soul. Take a glimpse into your past to see, feel, hear, or imagine your stories of old. What shaped you into the person you are today? And how can it help you on your true path?

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