Day 34

Here we are again, my friends!

Time to tackle the good, bad, and ugly so that you can soar to higher ground and get all comfy and cozy again. At least for a little while!

Let’s revisit your thoughts from yesterday.

#1 all the good and juicy stuff that supports why you can have all your desire and more… rip that page out and tape it up somewhere that you see it all day and every day. Type it up and post it as a reminder that pops up on your phone all throughout the day. Memorize it and have it become a part of your daily affirmations. You are a magical child of the Universe (God, Source, insert your belief system here!) and you truly deserve to have all that you want and more! Remember you are just getting started understanding how much BIGGER your bigger picture is.

#2 all that crap that came up that said you aren’t good enough, aren’t worthy of it, shouldn’t be asking for it… all that crap we are releasing and redefining.

YES time to write your new life story AND I freaking love this part.

Are you ready?

Great! Let’s begin.

Grab out your notebook and pen again and look at the first negative thought that you wrote down and let’s dig into to where that freaking thing came from in the first place. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you along. Feel free to use them or whatever pops in to your mind. AND remember to just jot down whatever pops in your mind and just keep digging until it feels done. THEN if you are into communicating with your guidance team you can then ask them if you need to continue digging right now or if you should stop there.

What is the first thing you think of when you read that negative thought? Is it a person? A place in time? Something that happened?

How does it make you feel when you think of it?

Were there other times that this has happened before?

Is this thought, belief system, rule even yours?

Is it a family belief that was put on you?

Is it a rule that society put on you?

Is it a wonky belief system that you picked up to keep you safe at the time?

Whatever it is tell yourself it isn’t real. It’s a thought or belief system you picked up to survive at the time. Usually back in childhood when we relied on others for our safety or protection. OR it could even be a lovely lesson that our Soul is here to learn in this incarnation. Whoo hoo! We ARE learning a ton, right?

You should be able to work each and every belief that you can’t have what you want back to a person, an event, or a place in time.

You should be able to really look at that belief and know in your logical mind that it isn’t true. NOW this doesn’t mean that it still won’t bring up all the bad feelings BUT we need to get the ball rolling by saying


I choose to write my own life story and this isn’t in it.

AND it’s okay that this happened.

I choose to forgive (insert all those involved, including yourself!) for they know not what they did. (truly even if you look at the reasons people are pure jerks there is an underlying belief within them why they choose to act that way. Spiraling down the rabbit hole with this one! Let’s just go with this, ok?!)

I’m thankful that I’m able to learn from this. (insert what you have learned… even if you learned that it isn’t your belief and you can just give it back and heal it!)

I’m sorry that this belief system has caused me so much pain.

BUT I love myself and choose to grow from it.

Repeat this for each one of the negative beliefs that came up saying you can’t have alllll the things.

Then just let it all sink in a bit. Set the intention to release all that no longer serves your highest good and continue on with your day doing all that you can to light your heart up and make yourself happy.

In other words… do something FUN and LIGHT that brings you JOY and LAUGHTER.