Day 19

Hello and welcome back to another fun filled day!

Day 19 is in the HOUSE! Your house. My house. Your dog’s house? OK, maybe not your dog’s house but you get the gist.

Today I want to chat a little about habits.

You know… those pesky little things that either make us or break us. At least that is how it seems sometimes, right? We either have good habits that move us forward in all areas of our life OR they tend to work against us. Like some days we can’t win and others we got it made in the shade.

SO what happens to cause it to go one way or the other?

Our mindset!

How freaking easy is that one?! A one word answer that makes us the end-all-be-all in our manifesting amazingness world.

Mindset. You either have it or you fight it tooth or nail.

So let’s take a few minutes and look way back at your 2017 again. I know! We go there often. BUT just go along with me, okay?

Take a look back at your 2017 goals, resolutions, promises, whatever you want to call them. Look back at how you started your year strong. Do you remember your mindset when you started? Do you remember a change in your patterns when you started? Do you remember the positive rituals you added in and the negative ones you removed to make those shiny new goals start to take shape?


Take a moment and jot all of that down in your journal.

Next up. Let’s take a minute to look at when that all started to head south for the winter. Do you remember it all happening overnight? Do you remember the exact moment you threw your hands up and said EFF THIS! Screw that goal! It ain’t going to happen. Ain’t no one got time for that!

OK, maybe it didn’t exactly go down like that. BUT somewhere from ‘excited’ to ‘not going to happen’ something took place to alter your mindset.

Because I will tell you 1000% for sure that IF your mindset was still where it needed to be then 2017 would have been THE year to get it done!

So let’s explore a bit.

Grab your journal again. First thing off the top of your head. Ready? What made your mindset slip?

Did you get a flash of a word, a picture, thought, or image come through? Write that down. That there is your higher self speaking to you and you should listen up.

Didn’t get it that fast? Think on it for a few minutes. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of that goal or goals that didn’t happen?

NOW answer me this… was it a goal you really wanted to have happen? Does it still light you up today? What feeling comes up when you think of it. Good, bad, pretty, or ugly. Just write it all down. Can you think of a better direction looking back at it a year older and wiser? Just jot down any thoughts that come to mind.

And that’s it. Just ponder where your mind was at looking back at it from this current perspective. What would you have told yourself a year ago when you first started down that road knowing everything you know today?

Feel free to share some snippets with us there.

See you tomorrow!