Day 14

OK, Day 14 here, or there-about somewhere! Time seems a little less linear up in here so I hope you just go along with me for a bit.

Today is all about bringing forth massive change into your New Year. AND one thing that will come up a lot along the way.


Yep, resistance to change.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Through all the days previous to this, what has been popping up on your radar screen? What have you been able to detect?

Has it been all sunshine and roses or is there a dark head popping in every now and again?

Every light side has a dark side in this world and you are no exception to this rule.

That little voice inside your head that calls you crazy or insane or just plain wrong for thinking that thought or desire.

That little voice that said you aren’t enough and never will be enough.

That little voice that actually wants to keep you nice, safe, and protected by keeping us from reaching past our comfort zone and bringing new life into your dull dreams.

Today is your day to call it out. All of it. The thoughts that are coming to you now. You might even be so used to it that you can’t even really hear it anymore. But trust me it’s there. Just waiting in the far recesses of your mind to spring forward again and grab you by the throat to pull you back again. There! Safe and sound in the confines of your mind. Although it never really feels like that, right? Safe and sound.

More like miserable and stuck. Am I right?

So let’s go ahead and do something simple once again. Grab your journal and pen and let’s start listing again.

Through each of the days you know things have been coming up for you… let’s take a moment to come face to face with it all and list a little bit of everything. Whatever comes to you. Don’t overthink it. Don’t get lost in it quite yet. We will do some releasing at the end. Just like always, start with what comes up and before you know it your thoughts and images will begin to flow.

So what thoughts pop in to your mind as you look at your 2017 in review and the few looks into this New Year and new opportunities? What comes up when we think about living our Soul’s destiny? What comes up when you think of starting down a new path in life? What comes up when you think of attempting the same goals over again? What comes up when I tell you that you can and will create your own, best life story and actually bring it to fruition?

This or better!

Onward and upward!

Let’s get some of your crazy and insane-ness out on paper for us to really take a good look at.

And when you are done ask yourself a few general questions.

Is this true?

Is this a limiting belief?

Is this a rule?

Is this even mine or does it belong to my family or society or friends?

How did this even come in to my life?

And then think about it.

What if none of it was true. What if you could release every single one of those right this very moment? Where would that leave you?

Take a few moments to end today with a few thoughts about where you would be if you allowed yourself to release every single one of those thoughts that have popped up since we began this new journey.

And when you are ready… repeat after me.

Long gone are the days of rules ruling me.

Long gone are the thoughts controlling my every move.

Long gone are the days of staying put in my comfort zone for fear of…

Long gone are the days of doubts, fears, and worries, keeping me stuck.

Creator I release all that no longer serves my highest good to be transmuted to the heavens above.

And in its place your definition of ease and grace to lead me to my new highest place.

Beginning now. So it is. So it is. So it is. It is done. Amen. Thank you!

Allow the energies to run and when it is done you will be catapulted in to a new and amazing space able to, yourself, leap some of those tall building in a single bound.

Enjoy some rest and relaxation so we can get up and do it all over again tomorrow!