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Have you ever wanted something so badly you couldn’t take your mind off of it for days and days… or months… or years?

Me too! AND let me tell you that most of those things revolved around needing the money to get said something. BUT it was just never lying around waiting for me to pick it up off the floor to use it. Or growing on my money tree in the backyard. Anyone seen my green thumb?!?!?!

It turns out you gotta actually work for it without blocking yourself from receiving it! Freaking-A why does there always have to be a catch?! BUT I got these really freaking amazingly awesome EPIC prosperity codes sent to me by Source. The head honcho. The big wig in the sky. The ruler of the Universe. Have you heard of him?

Yeah, me too! AND he said these 4 prosperity codes are for all of the lightworkers out there holding themselves back instead of putting themselves out there being the rockstar badasses they are SUPPOSED to be.

So if you have been struggling a bit more than you want… or just want to up the ante a bit… then check out these 4 FREE Prosperity Codes.

4 EPIC lightcode activations that will energetically weave their way into every cell of your body and every area of your life releasing things within you that no longer serve your highest good while aligning you to the badass version that is just waiting to come out and shine her light so that others can finally SEE how amazing you already know you are.

Are you ready for these?!?