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Not long ago I was struggling.

Struggling with who I thought I was and who I was supposed to become. There had to be an answer waiting out there somewhere for me. Someone to tell me exactly what I was supposed to do to be who I KNEW I was meant to be.

But you know what? It never came. In return I found struggle. More struggle. Focusing on what others were telling me was ‘that thing’ just left me feeling more confused than when I started.

So I had enough. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I still remember the words I said to myself…

“From this day forward I will no longer seek outside validation for what I need to do with my life. I will only search within myself.”

And you know what happened? It was magical. Well, it was super freaking scary and really really hard at first. I can’t tell you how many times I started typing a question on Facebook or thinking about downloading a new freebie that would solve all my problems. But I persisted on my journey.

I formed a bond with my guides that strengthened each and every day I put my FAITH and TRUST in them. It was hands down one of the best decisions I ever made on my journey.

And the magic?

I found what I needed. What I was searching for. Or did it find me? Gotta love synchronicity when you are in aligned flow. What is aligned flow? A whole other conversation! I’ll save it for another post.

What I found was that in order to be whom I truly needed to be in this world, I had to nurture my gifts. I was lucky to find help in activations and attunements. It’s not that I needed something outside of me to make me better, I just needed help lighting a fire under what I already had existing in me. MY God given gifts that were just waiting for me to OPEN them and ACCEPT them into my life.

And they sure sparked my growth. Holy tremendous ‘be careful what you ask for’ type growth. I mean you’ve seen my 172 Strand DNA Activation, right? Holy shitballs that was powerful! I mean my clairaudience came in the next week after I ran that.

BUT it was this incredible activations and attunement program I followed that opened up and activated the dormant genes connected to those sleeping parts of my brain housing all of my spiritual wonders I had inside of me… including that 172 DNA activation.

And now I have brought this amazing Source-led program LIVE for YOU to spur your growth and take you to planes {literally!} you have never been before. So here it is…

Awaken the sleeping wonders hibernating inside of you.

8 weeks. 4 attunements + 36 activations to rock your world.

Get started today!

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