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OK enough screwing around.

I’m a writer {said to me by my guides one too many times lately} and I need to write all of the channeled goodness my guidance team has for me. BUT I just don’t know how any of this works. Being a writer. Writing. All those things I’ve always had a deep down desire to do BUT never actually thought I would be any good at UNTIL the U kept dropping all these hints that I, of course, ignored. Because that is how I roll!

So I’ve been procrastinating today. Putting it off. I mean why? It’s writing. It’s sitting down at my laptop and letting my guides do the talking and my fingers do the walking. I freaking love talking with my guides. I could literally do it all freaking day long. BUT yet today when I decided this was THE day to BE the writer I found everything and anything else to do BUT write.

You know how it goes.

Enter resistance. Massive ass resistance.

Have you been there before?

At least now I’m at the point I can recognize it for what it is. Holding me back. Keeping me stuck doing things are no longer for my highest good. Because WHY? Because heaven forbid I actually step into this role that I have yet to truly define and DO the damn thing.


Because I will suck at it?

No, I really don’t think that is it. It doesn’t feel right.

Because I might be good at it. Like really freaking good?

No, I don’t think that’s it either. That thought is kinda actually exciting.

Hmmm…. Here we go. Because it might force me to get real and honest and more vulnerable than I have been. AND I’ve already been pretty freaking vulnerable so to say this sends heebie jeebies up and down the spine of mine.

Ding! Hit the nail on the head.

Writing will force me to get up close and personal with all of the things that make me tick.


Because apparently my guidance team doesn’t want me writing a fun fiction novella around a fun, fancy-free character in some amazing fictional island type setup where life glitters and golden rains drip down while driving in a fancy white Mercedes convertible.

Well shit. There goes that pipe dream.

So what does the U really have in store for me?

“That’s yet to be seen” is what I hear in my head.

Because that is where the voices talk to me.

You see, my clairaudience came in not that many moons ago. I was sitting on my couch. Cruising through Facebook-land when I saw a video. A video of a gentleman talking about… something hard to explain in a mere few words.

What stuck out to me was when he said “how do you hear yourself when you speak in your head? Is it a voice or a mere whisper?”

And I stopped and thought…

It was really interesting to me because I KNEW my clairaudience was on its way to me. I already determined that by chatting with my guides on other occasions. Which is a whole nother story!

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BUT my daughter has been clairaudient forever and I was always fascinated by how easy it was for her to get answers. It has to be the cutest thing ever. She knows all of her guides names and she can sense which one speaks to her at any given time. She says, “Hold on mama, let me check with XX.” Just love it.

AND I was always so jealous of how easy it was for her. Not like my long and drawn out conversations with my guides via my pendulum that took me FOREVER to learn how to use and FOREVER to figure out what my guides were trying to tell me. Although I DID stick to it and LEARNED a ton about it. Which I will get to later! Promise! {feel free to check out the video I did that goes over all these details!}

BUT it always made me wonder… What will it be like when my clairaudience comes in? I swear to you I thought it would be magical. The clouds would part. The angels would sing. A light would come shining down from the heavens above announcing the arrival of this new and wondrous gift so that I could now clearly hear everything the Universe had in store for me. Right?!

Ummm. Yeah. Nope.

BUT the coolest thing happened after I watched this Facebook video. How DO I hear myself in my head?

So, get this!

I talked to myself. In silence. And you freaking know what? I heard myself in my head. Like I knew I would but just never paid any attention to how I actually hear myself. AND then the craziest thing happened.

I heard another voice.

Holy shitballs!

It was crazy.

CRAZY I tell ya!

Turns out my clairaudience was already in.

I just didn’t know it.

I’ve since learned how to differentiate that voice from mine. AND from my Ego as well.

I can hear my guides clearly most of the time. Way more now that I’ve practiced. I like to channel them often.

Wait. NO. That is a LIE.

I actually struggled at first. I mean at first it was cool. It was a novelty.

The newest gift. It was clear. It was cool. It was freaking nifty.

BUT then it got hard to hear. I lost it. I felt like it was less than a whisper.

Like the volume got turned way down.

I got frustrated and went back to depending on my pendulum. WHICH my lead guide at the time was not very happy about.

You see, when my guides get cranky they get all cray-cray with my pendulum. It swings all crazy and just doesn’t seem to line up with my yes and no’s. Not consistently. AND then, of course, I would get frustrated and a wee bit cranky. I mean have you been there before?!

And then one day I was having words with my guides via my pendulum BEGGING for them to just use my YES and my NO when swinging the damn pendulum when I heard a voice.

Use your clairs.


Use your clairs.


My damn guide didn’t want me to use the pendulum. He wanted me to use my clairs.

You know. The ones I was STRUGGLING with.


But I did what I was asked. I actually struck a deal. If guides actually do that. He appeased me.

So I would try super hard to ‘hear’ him and then we would just confirm that I heard correctly by using my Yes and No signal via my pendulum.

AND before you knew it I got WAY better at connecting in with my clairs. WHICH is what my guides wanted me to do in the first place.

It was time for me to stop relying so heavily on a tool to hear them speak to me. To guide me. To offer me support.

But even more important… to clearly channel all of the wondrous information I have for you to help you grow. To assist in your gifts coming in. AND to align you with your Soul’s purpose.

All of that epic information delivered straight to me through the head honcho himself. The U. The Big G. Source himself. All coming straight to you.

Are you ready for all of that goodness to come your way?

I sure hope so… because I can’t wait to deliver it all to you.

So here we are.

Your daily message delivered to you right from Source.

We are gathered here today to bring about change. Massive change here on this plane of creation. Untold to you once before today great things are coming your way. Through change that is on the horizon will brighten your day. Come forth now my children of God for it is your time to shine your light on others that need you now. Go forth and accept the challenges coming your way as a badge of honor. These lessons to learn are part of your Soul’s purpose. Not here to weigh you down but to strengthen you so that you may come into your gifts and step into your true Soul’s power bringing forth all of your magic that you already have within you so that others may shed their layers in front of you. YOU are the chosen ones. Step forth from the shadows and recognize all that God has to offer you for Source is already within you. The Creatrix of this realm wielding a sword that no stone has yet to turn for it is with its blade that it shall cut away all that no longer serves your highest good. Step out of the shadows and accept your higher power within you now. Come forth in service to others for their highest good as well. Show up each day and be rewarded in kind for you are of higher service in this realm now. Connected to new parts of the Universe each and every day as you reach your goals of mammoth proportions. Accept this challenge not lightly for few enter this stage gracefully. But beknownst to you that you have what it takes within you. Trust in yourself and you will soar higher than once was thought believed. Believe in yourself and the world will be yours. Now go forth my children and take it all in for this challenge is upon you. Shed the layers no longer serving you and allow the light in.

And the best way to do this, I’m sure you are wondering?

Look to the light and it will always guide you. And, when in doubt, your leaders will amaze you.

Take upon yourself this energy that we send your way… should you choose to accept it, all you have to say is YES.

Sent to you, you will graced with this loving energy from Source himself. Assisting you in shedding what no longer serves your highest good so that you may step into the power that is already within you. Welcome the shift and allow that which no longer serves you any longer to be transmuted to the outer planes while replacing it with the 100% pure white and loving light of the Universe.

Comment YES below to allow the energies to begin running for you.

Share this with anyone else that needs a little boost today.

Yours in love and light… Heather

Let me show you the way.

Join me here daily for words from above to help you on your way.

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