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So today is going to be an amazingly epic day today!

Do you know how I know this?

Because I’m putting faith and trust in the Universe that it is going to be that way and so it is. Period. The end. No more discussion about it. I allow my day today to be easy and effortless. To allow all good things that I want in my life to come my way because I’m really freaking good at receiving it in.

Are you having a day like this today?

If not, what can you do to switch it up a little?

Here are some of my tried and true ways of getting my vibration back on track and aligned with my Soul’s vortex of abundance.

  1. My epic morning routine! I spend each morning getting centered and grounded, clearing out the gunk that my amazing Soul picked up while gallivanting around the universe while I slept, AND {most importantly} aligning myself with my true Soul’s purpose by taking a peek at the inspired and aligned action sent to me by Source.
  2. I’m GRATEFUL! Simple as that. I take out my journal and title the page GRATEFUL and I begin listing all of the amazing things that I am grateful for right now. This can be something as small as getting out of bed and brushing my teeth or getting myself out from under the heavy mist of the full moon energy battling with Mercury retrograde. I just keep writing whatever pops into my mind until I finish at least one page and then I send it off to the Universe with LOVE. You should give it a try. I mean you can’t be a Debbie Downer and GRATEFUL at the same time! It’s amazing to me each morning that I do this how much it raises my vibration as I complete the process.
  3. I set my intentions for the day. Same effect as being grateful. You can’t set all of these amazing intention each and every day and hate your life at the same time. I mean I guess you could but that kinda defeats the purpose. Not to mention doing this right after your gratefulness statements allows you to ride that high vibe straight into it. So give this a try to. Let the Universe know today what you INTEND to do. What is one of my intentions? TODAY I create amazing content sent to me directly from Source that brings harmony to my clients and followers.

AND speaking of HARMONY!

I have the BEST freaking direct download from SOURCE today just for YOU!

An amazing and harmonious lightcode activation and attunement energy that will weave its magic through every cell of your body and every area of your life.

AND I bet right now you are wondering what the heck a download is or how the heck I even know what it was.

WELL I’m glad that you asked!

When I first started my spiritual journey I heard about these downloads. AND I thought people were pretty much crazy. I mean I can’t be the only one, right?!

So then I opened myself up to the possibility that you could really get downloads from Source and before long I started to feel the energy waves flow through my body at random times throughout the day.


AND then!! One day I closed my eyes during one of these waves and I SAW the most amazing golden binary rain falling behind my eyes and I suddenly KNEW what everyone was referring to.


BUT I had no idea what all of this was about.

WHAT were these downloads?

SO I spent some time digging into it, like I always like to do


TA DA!!!

I freaking figured it out!

Downloads are all of the amazing aligned and inspired action sent to you by Source along with a bunch of other bits of information to help you live YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

It’s been life changing harnessing all of this information!


I want to share it all with you!

I wrapped this bit of information up in my newest program to teach YOU exactly how to figure out your own aligned and inspired action that is sent to you directly from Source.

So if you’ve been struggling or curious at all then check out my new 6 week ELEVATE program.

Available NOW!

A phenomenal 6 week self-paced program that allows you to go with the flow.


Isn’t it time that you unleash your gifts and uplevel your life?

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